Wanna know how to find an email address? 15 hidden methods.

how to find an email address

If you are reading this post then I am sure that you are completely new to the world of email hunting and desperately looking for methods to find email addresses of your prospects, clients, potential customers, firms, or other professionals in your field. But do you know how to find an email address?

In fact, just finding an email address is not enough, You must have to find a valid email address that really exists. Now that’s where things can get ugly.

Because if you are not using the right approach for hunting emails then there is a strong possibility of you finding the wrong email address and sending your emails to the wrong guy.

In fact-

76% Beginners intrepret wrong or a non-existing email address of their prospects.


Wrong email address is one of the major reasons that more than 20% of emails remain undelivered on average.

If you don’t want to be a part of that 20% of people then this post is for you.

In this post, we will cover all the best methods of finding someone’s email address and will discuss how accurately these methods can find the contact details of any person.


9 Methods Of Finding Someone’s email Address.

Methods of email hunting can be broadly divided into 2 main categories.

  1. Modern Apporach, and
  2. Traditional Approach.

Method 1 – Modern Approach To Find An Email Address.

Accuracy – 8.9/10

Speed – 9/10

Reliability – 8/10

The modern approach is basically using an email hunting tool for finding email addresses. It is the most reliable method of email hunting.

Using an email finder increases your chances of finding the right email address. An email-finding tool will discover thousands of emails in just one click. Most of such tools also work as a browser extension so that you can extract emails from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

Email finders provide you with a huge contact database with millions of contact details so the chance that will find your prospect’s email address is pretty high.

The best part of using this method is that it will save a lot of your time and help you to avoid unwanted hassle and ultimately help you to increase your productivity.

Email-finding platforms not only hunt down emails but also verify them in real-time to make sure that you get the right email address every time.

This method is so reliable that-

Currently millions of people are using email hunting tools to find personal and professional email addresses.


But this method also has its limitations which sometimes stop people to avoid using email hunting tools.

Take a lookšŸ‘‡.

limitations OF This Method.

  • First of all this method is not free. You have to have to pay some amout to the platform you are planning to use fo finding email addresses. Although some email finder offers their services with free trials or credits but they provide limited access to their services with free version. So if you want to use a decent tool with great features then you have to go premium.
  • Email finding software are not always that accurate. Sometimes you might get an email address that has been removed or changed by other email address.

Method 2 – Use google Search Operators For Searching Emails On Google.

Accuracy – 7/10

Speed – 5/10

Reliability – 5/10

Most of you, Who are new to all this email hunting thing, might be thinking that why don’t we just Google the email addresses?

Well, the reason behind this is that even all these email addresses exist somewhere on the internet but these search engines are not designed to index all these emails addresses.

So they are on the internet somewhere but not indexed by search engines.

To find such information on the internet you can use Google search operators or Google Advanced search.

Search operators are kinds of commands which are used to find some specific information about a page, domain, or keyword. Basically, these are combinations of words that helped you to improve your online search results.

For example, if you will type Site:example.com in the search box then the results will limit to pages within the example.com domain.

Similar to the above there are several functions that can help you to build a search string with search engines to bring out some exclusive information.

Some of these commands are as follows-

  • firstname ā€œ*@example.comā€ OR ā€œ@gmail.comā€
  • or, ā€œfirstname lastnameā€ email
  • ā€œfirstname lastnameā€ contact
  • site:domain.com ā€œfirstname lastnameā€ email OR contact
  • and, site:domain.com ā€œfirstname lastnameā€ contact

Note- Adding the quotation mark with your search term will include only exact matches and the symbol * will help you to find all pages with variations of the search term.

These commands will help you to go through some specific areas of the public web and if you are lucky enough, you might find the email you were looking for.

limitations OF Using Search Opertors .

  • The vary first problem with this method is that a lot of time requires to find emails. You have to use various search commands to find any information.
  • It is possible that the result it brings is not a valid email address or the email have been changed to a new address.
  • Not always brings you the information you were looking for.

Method 3 – Use your Guessing Power.

Accuracy – 4/10

Speed – 5/10

Reliability – 5/10

So you have tried the advanced search commands and haven’t found your desired results yet.

What’s your next plan will be?

Well if the operators don’t work for you, you can use your own intelligence to figure out email addresses. I call this method “The Intelligent Guessing Method”.

So how this method works?

This method relies on guessing emails by a common pattern used by people or companies to pick an email address for themselves. The patterns generally used are-

  • firstname@company.com or
  • firstnamelastname@company.com.

Most professionals use this method while creating a professional email account. I myself have used the same method while choosing my email address.

After figuring out the different patterns a professional might have chosen, you can you sites like Email Checker to check whether the email you have guessed is valid or not.

If you’re lucky enough you might get the email you were looking for without paying a single penny.

limitations OF Using The Intelligent Guessing Method .

With time professionals have understood the fact that firstnamelastname@comapny.com is a too easy format to guess most have them have stopped using this pattern for their email addresses.

To tackle this problem, you can use websites like Email Guesser. Here you can put the first and last name of your prospect along with their company name and it will create all possible patterns they might have chosen to create their email account.

Method 4 – Scratch The Website.

Accuracy – 8/10

Speed – 7/10

Reliability – 4/10

Every website has an “About us” and “Contact Us” page which generally contains some information about contacting the website’s professionals.

You must always look for emails on such pages before going for any other method. There is a very strong possibility that the owner or the person you want to connect with has provided his/her real email information on such pages.

If you will critically go through these pages, you might get the information you were looking for!

limitations OF Using the above Method.

Most of the website owners don’t provide their personal email info on such pages. For these pages, they use a separate email that works only as dedicated emails for queries of visitors about products or any article!

So chances of finding the email you are looking for on these pages are pretty low. But still, you can give it a chance. If this method doesn’t work for you, you can use the next one.

Method 5 – Ask the owner (the oldest method).

Accuracy – 10/10

Speed – 4/10

Reliability – 5/10

This is one of the oldest methods on this list. The process of using this method is pretty straightforward. You just have to ask the owner or administrator of the website for their email address.

To ask them you have to visit their contact us page to find the query form. Now fill in all required fields and in the message box humbly request the email address of the owner.

Even if you don’t find any contact us form on their website which rarely happens, you will definitely find some social media handles information on their website.

Try to connect them on their social media accounts and later try to ask for their personal email address.

The method might be looking not a good option but sometimes if you establish a good relationship with your target, they might provide you with their personal email address.

Problem with this method is…

This method might have worked in older days when email spamming and phishing weren’t too prevalent. But in this era where more than 47% of emails are spam, no one will just write down their personal email info. to any stranger. Because if you are a complete stranger and plainly asking for the personal email of any person, it will surely raise the bar of suspicion.

Method 6 -Search On Social Media accounts.

Accuracy – 8/10

Speed – 4/10

Reliability – 4/10

Social media platforms are great to build online connections fast. They are also great sources for collecting other information like the email address of any person.

Sometimes people provide their email addresses within their social media handles so that others can contact them easily.

You can take advantage of this thing and can look for an email address or phone number within their bio section. Even if you don’t find an email address within their social media accounts you can still use social media to connect with them and when they start to notice your presence, you can ask for their email address.

Although the total number of social media platforms can be in thousands there are 7 major platforms that claim to have 1 billion active monthly users. So searching on the top platforms should definitely be on your list.

I am gonna share with you the email search technique of the top 3 social media platforms i.e Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to find email address with facebook?

On a rough basis, more than 2.9 billion people use Facebook around the world. That provides you with a huge database of contact and an opportunity to discover the emails of your desired professionals.

First, you have to find the person’s profile on Facebook. After locating their profile, visit the about section of their profile and there is a strong possibility that you will find their email address.

But sometimes instead of providing a personal email address, most of the professionals prefer to provide a generic email address like support@company.com or contact@company.com.

So if you find the personal email address then that’s great but if you find a generic email then you can also use that email too to start a conversation and gradually ask for the personal email address.

Search emails on insatgram.

Just like Facebook, Instagram also has a large number of active users. Since Instagram is so popular most professionals use it as one of their lead driving sources. Most of them provide their email addresses in their bio section so that the visitors can contact them easily.

It is a long shot but you can still check out their bio sections on their Instagram account.

Among all the social media platforms Twitter has been proved top source for generating some really useful information about your prospect including their email address and that’s the same my next method is all about.

Why this method is not good enough?

Nobody knows all of their social media followers personally. So they can just put their personal email in their account’s bio where everyone can see that information.

So to avoid any type of spam email or phishing most professionals avoid putting their personal email on their social media accounts.

Instead, they provide other email addresses like the contact mail address of their company.

Method 7 – Use twitter advanced search to find an email address.

Accuracy – 8/10

Speed – 4/10

Reliability – 4/10

Currently, Twitter is on No.#3 in the world‘s top 3 social media platforms and No.#1 in Japan. According to reports of Backlinko, the total number of Twitter users are more than 400 million.

So there is a strong possibility that your desired contact is also a part of that large number of users.

Now, it’s time to be honest with you that the chances of your prospect having shared his email on his Twitter account are pretty low. But you must not give on that before even trying.

Now the Twitter advanced search is different from normal Twitter search. If you don’t know the difference you can learn more about this topic in this article!

Anyways to search contacts’ email addresses you must have information about his or her Twitter handle which you can easily search on their website or even can search with their name on Twitter.

How To perform twitter advance search?

So first log into your Twitter account and head to the advance search tab. As I have told you that this advanced search will be a little different from a normal search. Here you will see different fields where you can enter the contact’s Twitter handle and different search parameters.

So in the field “From These Accounts” enter the Twitter handle of the person. In the next field, which is labeled as “Any of these words”, enter those words that they could associate with an email address like email, contact us, our domain, or website domain.

As you will hit the enter Twitter will bring you all the tweets that you have entered into the search fields and there is a possibility of having the email address you have been looking for.

Method 8 – Contact The other authors of the website.

Finding the email address of big websites’ owners or chief editors is one of the most difficult tasks. Due to the large number of visitors on their website, they can’t just openly put their personal email address on their website or anywhere else on the public internet where anyone can access that.

But you can still find their email address by using this simple technique.

Contacting an author of any website is much easier than contacting the main editor or owner of the website. You can even contact any guest writer of the website and ask for his help on how to contact the editor of the website.

If a person has his article published on any website then he definitely has some connection or source to contact the staff of the website. So if you contact the author of the website, he or she might definitely have an answer for you on how to find the email address of the owner or editor of the website or how to connect with them.

Drawback of the method is?

Not every author is that helpful. Sometimes they don’t even respond to your request which is quite disheartening.

Method 9 – Use linkedin + Free extension.

LinkedIn is the hub of all kinds of professionals with a huge users database. It has 722 million+ members which make it one of the most used social media platform in the world.

Linkedin has always been one of the top choices of professionals to connect with each other. It is also a great source of information like email addresses, phone numbers, work positions, job locations, etc.

Sometimes you can easily find this information just by visiting the profile of your contact. Along with that Linkedin also allows you to perform a bulk search on the basis of specific job titles or locations.

You can also use other filters to cut down your search material easily and find your contact more quickly.

But even it looks very easy task sometimes it could take a lot of time out of your schedule. So to make this work easier you can use a free chrome extension and can extract all information of your contact easily.

There are lots of free and paid extensions that can help you to perform your task. Even paid extensions provide free credits to their users so that they can use their services for free.

So just download any chrome extension in your chrome browser and visit the Linkedin profile of your contact.

Click on the extension button on the top right of your browser and launch the search for your required information.

In just one click it will bring you all the important information about your contact. CSome chrome extensions also provide a bulk search feature so that you can find lots of contacts in just one single click.

You can also easily export all your collected data in pdf or excel form.

Method 10 – Research with wHOIS.

If the person you are looking for owns a website then this method is a great option for you.

But before we discuss how to perform a WHOIS search for email let’s understand the meaning of WHOIS and how it works.

The real meaning of WHOIS is “who owns this domain?”.

Yes, the real meaning behind these 5 joint alphabets is this. Basically, this search helps you to find out who owns any specific domain.

Now there are several websites on the internet that can help you to perform this kind of search. For example, visit the website of ICANN. Enter any domain name and it will bring you the information of the person that owns that domain.

You must be thinking that how it can help you to find an email address?

Well, WHOIS search not only tells you who owns a domain but also provides you the contact information of the person that he or she provided to while buying the domain.

Since it is mandatory to provide an email address while buying a domain every person must have to provide an email address that can be searched by this method.

Why this method is not helpful now?

With time this method had lost its charm.


Professionals have discovered that anyone can gain access to their email address by doing a simple search so they have started using tools that can guard their email addresses while WHOIS search.

Which Method Is Best To Find Email Addresses?

It all depends on your requirements!

If you are not a regular user of emails and only send a few emails in a week then you can use any of these methods because finding 1 or 2 email addresses by all these approaches won’t consume that much time.

But if your work involves reaching out to a huge number of people in one day then you just can’t rely on these methods except the email finding software.

So if you are thinking to find a few emails and don’t have any time limits on your head, you can use any of these approaches but for finding emails in a huge amount you gotta choose a reliable email finding software.

Why Finding the right email address is so important ?

Finding the right email address is one of the main factors that help you to make your outreach campaign successful.

Reaching out and getting a response from your contact is only possible if you have the right email address of that person and all of your emails are landing into their inboxes.

Every year very small number of outreach emails receive any response from the other party and if you are not even working to find the right email address of your contacts then there is a strong possibility that you will never hear back from them.

Also sending emails to the wrong address will affect the quality of your email campaigns. You will spend time and money on a contact that does not even exist or is not the one you have been looking for.

So finding the right email is the most important factor if you want to make your email campaign successful and fruitful.

Benefits of finding an email address.

  • If you are giving your time in finding the right email address of your contacts and using the right apporach to ind their emails then your chances of getting a response back improves.
  • If you are using any email tool to extract email addresses more quickly then you can create your own list of contacts and can use that contact list for send bulk emails by uploading the list on your mass email service platform.
  • Valid email address not only increase your response rate but also improves the overall efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.
  • If you devote youreself in finding the valid email address then it will open up the doors of building more legit online connections with other professionals.

Now You can find an email address!

There are lots of other methods to find out the email addresses of your email campaigns but which one is gonna be helpful for you depends on your needs.

As I have told you before that if you want if your work involves outreaching a number of contacts in a day then the only method that can help you is using an email lookup tool. But if you are looking for just one or two email addresses or occasionally search for email addresses then you can choose any of the methods.

By the way, have you tried any of these approaches, or which one has helped you to discover your contact’s email address?

Share with me in the comments!

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