Exclusive Wufoo Review 2022 – Can it match the quality of jotform?

wufoo review and pricing

What Is Wufoo? – Introduction.

Wufoo Review – Wufoo is a cloud-based form builder that helps you to design registration forms, application forms, surveys, contact forms, payments forms, and more. Wufoo is one of the top alternatives of Jotform. It is a great online form designing platform trusted by 3M+ users worldwide. Some of the top brands that use this platform are Amazon, Disney, Twitter, Microsoft, and more.

This amazing platform comes with 2300+ integration with other online platforms which makes it more accessible. With 400+ form templates, it becomes easier for beginners to build a unique online form. You can also embed your Wufoo form with WordPress.com. With 150+ unique fonts, you can create your own typography combination that matches your brand.

Features | Sneak Peek.

  • Drag and drop form builder.
  • 400+ Customizable theme templates.
  • Add your brand’s logo and other brand elements with custom branding feature.
  • Accept secure and safe online payments with hassle free payment gateways.
  • 256-bit SSL with smart captcha for maximum security of your online payments.
  • Automated workflow and branching & logic.

Pricing | Sneak Peek.

  • Starter Plan For $14.08/month.
  • Professional Plan For $29.08/month.
  • Advanced Plan For $74.08/month.
  • Ultimate Plan For $183.25/month.
  • Ultimate Plan For $183.25/month.
  • A free plan that allows you to build 5 forms with 10 fields.

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Wufoo Pros.

  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Pre-built templates to save your time.
  • WordPress Compatibility.
  • Multiple option or format of forms like radio, single choice, checkbox, paragraph and text.
  • Conditional forms to target specific person or group.
  • Automatically stores data into database so that you can access your information whenever you want.
  • Automated email responder.

Wufoo Cons.

  • Less customization for wordpress embedding forms.
  • Cost of paid plans is a little bit high.
  • Using it might be a little tricky for beginners.
  • No in-depth tutorial available for beginners.
  • Limited functionality in free version.
  • A free plan that allows you to build 5 forms with 10 fields.

Wufoo Review – History.

Wufoo was founded in 2006 by Chris Campbell, Kevin Hale, and Ryan Campbell. They believed that if you want to build anything useful on the internet, then online forms are the starting point. Wufoo reduced the tedious work of creating responsive online forms. The work which used to take days, sometimes weeks now can be done easily in a few minutes with Wufoo.

On 25 April 2011, SurveyMonkey, a leading online survey solution acquires Wufoo for 35M dollars. So now Wufoo is a part of Momentive Inc. formerly known as SurveyMonkey.

Wufoo Pricing – Detailed.

Wufoo offers 5 plans for their services and one of them is a free plan.

With the free plan, you will get limited access to their services. The free plan will allow you to create 5 basic forms with 10 fields in each form. Only 1 user will allow getting access to their services in this free plan and only 100 form entries can be received monthly with this plan. With a free plan, you will also get the free email support of their team.

You will not get access to any of their other premium features. If you want to get full access to their tools then you must have to upgrade your free plan to a premium plan.

Apart from this free plan Wufoo also has 4 paid plans. In this Wufoo review, we will discuss all pricing plans of Wufoo and other details about Wufoo pricing.

Let’s start with the Starter Plan!

1. Starter Pack.

The first pricing plan of Wufoo is Starter Plan and the cost of this plan is $14.08/month. This plan is good for small-size projects or for small-size businesses. This plan includes some premium features of the Wufoo platform like Customize branding, Automated confirmation emails, and an automated workflow system.

Take a look at all the features included in this plan!

Features Included In This Plan.

  • You can create maximum 10 forms with this plan.
  • You are allowed to recieve maximum 1,000 form entries.
  • 1 User is allowed and you can as many fieds as you want to add in your forms.
  • 1 GB storage space with email support.
  • Customize branding with Logo of your company.
  • Custom confirmation pages and webpage redirection.
  • Automated confirmation emails and sealess integration with other online platforms.

Features Excluded In This Plan.

  • Can’t receive online payments.
  • No Google Analytic Tracking system.
  • No field encryption and password protection for your online forms.

2. Professional Plan (Recommended).

The second plan of Wufoo adds some more premium features to the list like online payments and secure password-protected forms. The cost of this plan is $29.08/month. Under this plan, you can create unlimited online forms with as many fields as you want.

3 users are allowed to access their services with this plan. You will get 5 GB storage space with 25,000 API requests and unlimited reports.

Along with these following facilities are included in this plan. This plan is the best plan among all pricing packages because it provides access to all premium features of Wufoo is a pretty balanced amount. The plan is best for entrepreneurs, small established firms, and mid-level businesses.

Features Included In This Plan.

  • All features from the Starter Plan.
  • Field Encryption and password protection for your forms.
  • Higher file upload limits.
  • Integration with Google Analytics Tracking.
  • Customize branding with Logo of your company.
  • Custom confirmation pages and webpage redirection.
  • Automated confirmation emails and sealess integration with other online platforms.

3. Advanced Plan.

The third plan of this Wufoo review is the Advanced plan. This plan is for those firms that are planning to use more forms for data collection or for those firms that are planning to expand their data collection strategy. The cost of this plan is $74.08/month. You can receive 25,000 monthly entries with this plan. Just like the previous plan, you can create unlimited forms with unlimited fields. You will get 10 GB of storage space and access to all premium features of this platform.

4. Ultimate Plan.

This plan is the last pricing plan of this online building tool. It provides all Wufoo features in the highest limits. You will get 20 GB of storage space and 1,00,000 API requests. 10 users are allowed to create unlimited forms and can receive 2,00,000 monthly responses on all of their forms collectively. Besides that, you are allowed to use every single feature of this tool like customized branding, email confirmation, and automated workflow.

Although this plan is good for large-scale firms small scale firms that are expecting high responses on their forms can also use this plan.

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Wufoo Pricing FAQ.

1. Which pricing plan of Wufoo is best?

All pricing plans of Wufoo are created according to the need of different sizes of business firms but its Professional Plan is best in my opinion. This plan will suit any size of business that is expecting average responses for their online forms.

2. What is the pricing structure of Wufoo?

The pricing structure of Wufoo is pretty simple and very flexible. You can either choose to pay monthly or can pay annually for their services.

3. Do they offer any free trial?

They don’t have any free trial but they do offer a free plan in which you will be allowed to create 5 basic forms with limited functionality.

4. What is the refund policy of Wufoo?

Although you can cancel your subscription anytime if you want but you will not get any refund from your remaining month.

Best Features Of Wufoo – Detailed.

The list of Wufoo’s amazing features is very big. With every paid plan you will get access to their top premium features. Although Wufoo offers a lot of amazing features in this list we will discuss only its top features.

So let’s start!

Easy and Flexible Form Builder

Wufoo has a very simple and flexible form builder that allows you to build unique and interactive online forms by just dragging dropping items wherever you want. You will get a full gallery of beautifully designed themes. You can either use any theme or can create your own.

Not only that you will get 400+ ready-to-go templates to quickly create forms without starting everything from scratch. With a simple and flexible theme designer, you will be able to easily customize your forms.

Customize Branding.

A form must be able to promote your brand as well as collect data from your audience. That’s why Wufoo allows you to do custom branding of your online forms by adding your organization’s logo and other brand elements. Adding your own customized logo with Wufoo is very easy. Just follow these steps-

  • Click on the themes option in your dashboard after signing up.
  • Choose your theme or create a new one according to your brand.
  • Then click on your logo in properties and enter the URL of your logo image.
  • Save the height and width as you want and click on apply.
  • Hurray! you just have saved your branded logo with Wufoo.

Report Manager.

This report manager helps you to view and manage all of your data and reports related to your forms and responses in one place. You can view your live report with real-time entries in this section. With this report manager, you can edit or even download your reports.

Protect the data of public reports by adding passwords. You can even make your reports private or can restrict access to only users who have permission to view these reports.

In short, reporting manager of Wufoo provides an out-of-the-box reporting experience to its users with custom reporting features.

Automate Workflow.

To help you with tedious tasks, Wufoo provides a number of integration with top online software brands. These integrations offer countless opportunities to automate your workflow with Wufoo.

You can easily connect your data with dozen of native integration, and 1000+ zapier tools to squeeze out more data from your every form entry.

With branching and logic, you can easily personalize the form-filling experience of your respondents. Branching & logic will help you to set up personalized questions that will get triggered only by certain actions of your respondents.

Secure Online Payments.

Integrate your online store with top online payment providers and receive secure online payments with Wufoo. You can also collect online donations and event fees with Wufoo forms.

Just select your online payment merchant and choose the currency in which you want to receive your payment and Wufoo will manage to bring all of your payments securely to your account. You can integrate 10+ online payment providers with your online forms like Stripe, Square, Braintree, Paypal, and more.

They provide the highest security to make sure your payment reaches you safely and securely.

Wufoo Review – Scoreboard.

Ease Of Use. 4.4/5

Wufoo is a great platform and provides a lot of features to make online form building fun but it does not explain itself that better. They don’t provide any in-depth guide to its users about how to use this platform. That’s why most beginners might find it tricky to use this tool. They should embed video tutorials.

Support. 4.9/5

Wufoo offers email support for all of its users and I have to admit that the response time of their support team is very fast. They merely take 10-15 minutes to reach back to your email to solve your problems. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it doesn’t have a live supporting system to solve the real-time problems of its users.

Interface. 4.7/5

The interface of Wufoo is easily understandable and I bet you will not have any difficulty in using its interface. The only problem is with its visual UX design. It looks a little outdated but those who don’t have high priorities will not face any problems.

Likelihood To Recommend Wufoo. 4.6/5

I like this platform. Yeah, it has its flaws but still, it is a good platform for online form building and will definitely be worth your money.

Wufoo Alternative – 6 Top competitors of wufoo.

The reason we often look for alternatives to any product is its drawbacks, right? No product is perfect and every one of them has its flaws but the effect of these flaws is very subjective.

Wufoo also has some flaws in its tools which you must consider before investing your money in it. Take a look!

Wufoo Flaws.

  • No detailed guide about how to use this platform.
  • Email support available but no live-support system.
  • Less flexible pricing packages.
  • No free trial.
  • Limited features in Free plan.

If you think that these flaws can cause a problem for you then take a look at this top Wufoo alternative👇.

Note – This list of Wufoo Competitors is based on recommendations of online marketing experts and my personal experience with different form building platforms. Let’s start!

1. Jotform.

Paid Plans Start From $24/Month.

If you are using or planning to use a form builder then you definitely have listened to this name.

This tool is one of the top online form-building platforms and is known for its simple interface and easy-to-use tools. Jotform is a trusted online form-building brand that is trusted by millions of users around the world.

It provides dozens of form-building features to give you a hand in creating unique and interactive forms for your brand.

To save your time and make your work easy they provide 10000+ form templates so you don’t have to start everything from zero.

With 35+ payment gateways and 100+ integrations with other online platforms, you can receive online payments and donations with maximum security of Jotform. Along with that, you will get 500+ PDF templates to create PDF forms easily.

Jotform is HIPAA and PCI compliant to provide maximum security to your data. They also have a mobile application so that you can create your forms with mobile.

If you want a taste of their services you can sign up for their free plan in which you will be able to create 5 Forms with limited access to their services.

Key features of jotform.

  • Automated Workflow.
  • Mobile App.
  • Secure online payment gateways.
  • HIPAA certified.
  • 10k+ form templates.
  • 100+ apps integrations.

Why should you choose jotform over wufoo?

The first thing that makes Jotform the best alternative to Wufoo is that Jotform has a mobile app and you can use all of its features by downloading that application.

Although Wufoo provides a mobile-friendly website version that is not as compatible as Jotform’s mobile application.

Another thing is that the free version of Wufoo is very limited and offers basic features so that you can build only basic forms. Besides that, the number of form templates and integrations is also less than Jotform.

how wufoo is still better than jotform!

Wufoo is great in its technical aspects. Its report builder is an amazing tool that helps you to create informative reports by combining all data of your online forms.

It allows you to choose charts and graphs to create a better understandable version of all of your collected data. Besides that, I think its drag and drop builder is also better than Jotform.

2. Typeform.

Paid Plans Start From $35/Month.

Typeform is online software that specializes in online form building and online surveys. The reason for its being a solid online form builder is that it makes all boring and time-consuming tasks of form designing easy and fun.

You will get a built-in photo and video libraries to make your form more attractive and interesting. Conditional logic that allows you to create custom follow-up questions on the basis of their interaction.

To make your work easier they provide a number of industry-based form templates.

With seamless integrations, you can connect your top online tools to transfer your data easily from one platform to another. Its beautiful UI helps it to stand out from other online form builders.

They got amazing services and a helpful set of tools that’s why more than 9961 companies are currently using Typeform as their primary form builder tool.

key features of typeform.

  • Beautiful UI to make form building fun.
  • Surveys along with online forms.
  • A/B testing.
  • Conditional Logic.
  • Responsive forms for mobile devices.
  • In-built images and videos galleries.

why should you choose typeform over wufoo?

First of all, Wufoo doesn’t have an A/B testing feature so you can’t check various versions of your form to choose the best one. But Typeform allows you to conduct A/B testing of your forms.

Another thing that makes Typeform better than Wufoo is that forms created by Wufoo are less responsive in nature. But Typeform’s forms are responsive and can be accessed by all devices.

How wufoo is still better than typeform!

The first thing is that makes Wufoo a better form builder is that it offers more options for choosing pricing plans.

Another thing is that if you will use the free plan of Typeform you will get Typeform branding on your forms that gives a very unprofessional look to your forms. It also lacks features like edit form HTML and CSS.

3. surveySparrow.

Paid Plans Start From $19/Month.

SurveySparrow is an omnichannel experience management platform that helps you to create online forms, surveys, and more. Trusted by 50,000+ customers around the world this tool provides solutions for many problems.

SurveySparrow supports 50+ languages and is mostly famous for the classic look of its online forms. Being GDPR and PCI compliant it provides a high-security layer to all of your data.

Along with their premium quality services, you will also get advanced-level insights tools to track every single detail of your forms and surveys.

To build a professional form you will get category-based templates. You can also integrate other online software and platform for easy flow of your data within two platforms.

Key features of surveySparrow.

  • Classic forms and chat surveys.
  • Visual workflow automation.
  • Custom reports with executive dashboard.
  • Text and sentiment analysis reports.
  • 50+ language support.
  • GDPR and PCI compiant.

Why should you choose surveySparrow over wufoo?

I think the thing that makes it a better platform than Wufoo is that it comes with a mobile application that helps you to create and publish mobile-responsive surveys.

Not only that this mobile application will help you to collect data from both online and offline modes.

Being a survey platform along with a form builder this Wufoo alternative comes with dual-mode data collection functionality.

How wufoo is still better than surveySparrow!

Well even having all these great features Wufoo is still better than SurveySparrow in form designing. It provides a lot of in-built form templates and more form designing features for a better experience.

Also, most big firms and agencies prefer Wufoo over SurveySparrow.

4. Paperform.

Paid Plans Start From $16/Month.

Paperform helps you to save your time by giving you a hand in creating beautiful and engaging forms with automated workflow. Its form editor is so simple that it will almost feel like writing a doc.

Not a technical geeks?

Don’t worry with Paperform you don’t actually need to learn or write coding. It has a simple drag and drops form builder that you can use to simply create awesome online forms.

Don’t just put direct questions and answers use amazing and visually appealing images and informative videos to make your form more interesting.

With Paperform you can collect online payments securely. They have direct integration with top online payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, Square, and Braintree. You can also design smart forms with Paperform.

Key features of paperform.

  • 1000+ integrations.
  • Smart forms.
  • Embedded forms.
  • Custom URL editor.
  • Allows inserting images, videos, and styled texts.
  • Allows collecting online payments.

why should you choose paperform over wufoo?

I like the fact that Paperform provides a 14-days free trial without credit card information. You will get access to their premium features.

But Wufoo doesn’t have any free trial and its free pack is very limited in terms of features.

Another thing is that Wufoo doesn’t have and Live chat support system to solve the real-time problems of its users but with Paperform you can easily chat with their support team.

Besides that Paperform also offers more pre-built form templates than Wufoo.

How wufoo is still better than paperform!

Wufoo has more payment integrations than Paperform that gives your users more options to pay for your services. Besides that Wufoo has a higher number of native integrations than Paperform.

5. Cognito forms.

Paid Plans Start From $15/Month.

If you are looking for a fast and efficient method of creating online forms then Cognito forms is your tool. Cognito forms is known for its easy-to-use form builder that helps you to create contact forms, registration forms, or order forms within a few minutes.

With this form builder, you can easily customize the design of your form and can embed your form easily on your website.

Their condition logic feature is very easy and you can use this tool to create custom questionnaires for your audience. With their 3rd party integrations, you can easily create an automated workflow for your business.

key features of cognito forms.

  • Data collection and data mangement.
  • Logic and automation.
  • HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA compliant for maximum security of your data.
  • Secure online payment gateways to collect secure online payments.
  • Category-based online form templates.

why should you choose cognito forms over wufoo?

The best thing about Cognito forms is that it allows you to create unlimited forms with all pricing plans but Wufoo has limits for creating online forms with lower-level packages.

You can also import entries from excel with Cognito Forms but Wufoo lacks this feature.

Also with Cognito Forms, you can collect online payments with any pricing package but Wufoo doesn’t have this feature with small packs. Cognito Forms also provide multi-column layouts but Wufoo simply lacks this feature.

how wufoo is still better than cognito forms!

Cognito forms is a good alternative to Wufoo but it still lacks in a few areas. In my opinion, Wufoo provides a better overall user experience than Cognito Forms.

6. 123Formbuilder.

Paid Plans Start From $19.99/Month.

The power of this form builder is its smart online forms. You can easily create online forms that adapt your submitters’ answers.

This smart form designing tool will help to save your time importing and exporting data by providing you with a large number of integrations with other online platforms.

123Formbuilder is HIPAA and GDPR compliant to protect the data of your audience from any kind of breach.

With no coding form builder, anyone can design highly convertible online forms. To help you in form designing they provide 1,900 HTML forms templates.

You can choose any template or can start from scratch. Its highly intuitive interface and amazing set of features help to meet the requirements of all types of businesses. This amazing tool currently has 1,500,000+ users worldwide.

key features of 123Formbuilder.

  • Create online forms and surveys.
  • 1,900+ HTML form templates.
  • Integration with hundreds of native platforms.
  • Secure and easy online payment gateways with GDPR compliance.

why should you choose 123Formbuilder over wufoo?

123Formbuilder provides 1900+ templates whereas Wufoo only provides 400+ form templates.

With 123Formbuilder you can insert 30 types of form fields but with Wufoo you can only insert 19 fields. Besides that, it also offers 15 online payment gateways which are more than 12 payment gateways of Wufoo.

how wufoo is still better than 123Formbuilder!

Despite being a great form builder, Formbuilder is less affordable than Wufoo.

They provide advanced features that are why their prices are a little bit high than Wufoo. So if your preference is an affordable tool then Wufoo is still better.

Wufoo review – alternatives F.A.q.

Q. Why Do You Need A Wufoo Alternative?

Well, Wufoo is a good form builder but it is not a great tool. It lacks some features that you can get on other platforms but it all depends on your priority of features. You should always choose a platform that fits your requirement level.

Q. Which one is my favorite alternative of Wufoo?

In my opinion, if you are planning to switch your form builder other than Wufoo then Typeform, Jotform, and SurveySparrow are best.

Q. Do these alternatives have free trial?

Some of them have a free trial and some of them offer a freemium pack. You can learn more about their free trials by visiting their websites.

Wufoo Review – Final Verdict!

Wufoo is definitely a better alternative to Jotform. It provides cool and easy-to-use features to create and publish online forms in just a few minutes.

This tool is great for everyone whether you are a pro form designer or a beginner, it will definitely meet your needs.

If you are a beginner then first sign up for free and create some basic forms with Wufoo. It will give you an idea about their services and use of different tools.

So don’t waste your time here and sign up for their free plan to create unique and engaging online forms. I hope this review of Wufoo has helped you. Try it yourself and share your experience with me!

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My job is to test and try different business software and recommend the best one to others so that they can save their time and money.

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