9+ Best Email Finder – Exclusive List Of 2022 (Tested And Ranked).

🏆 Top 3 Best Email Finders.

1. Hunter.io

TechsWorm 4.7/5
G2 Rating 4.6/5
Capterra 4.3/5

Quick Introduction- Hunter.io is No.1 email hunting tool. You can easily find professional and personal email addresses with the hunter in just a few seconds and can connect with important leads for your business.

2. snov.io

TechsWorm 4.6/5
G2 Rating 4.6/5
Capterra 4.7/5

Quick Introduction- Snov is an email finder with cold email outreach and effective CRM capabilities. It helps you in finding, nurturing, and converting new leads into your customers. Check out the full Snovio review for a more detailed guide.

3. uplead

TechsWorm 4.8/5
G2 Rating 4.8/5
Capterra 4.8/5

Quick Introduction- Uplead is a powerful B2B prospecting tool that also has a powerful email hunting tool in its full-stack. From finding highly converting leads to converting them into your long-term customers, all can be managed by Uplead. Interested in Uplead? Read the full Uplead review here!

What Is A Email Finder?

An email finder is a software or a tool that uncovers professional and personal email addresses indexed by search engines. Search engines are not designed to show indexed email addresses in search results. That’s why email finders are used to collect all email address-related information from search engines and add that information to their databases.

So whenever any person will use their service to find someone’s email address they will match the information with their database and will deliver the relevant information to its users. Today there are hundreds of email finders and every email finding software has millions of contact info into their database.x

Some email finders also provide phone numbers with email addresses.


Email outreach is the most important and integral part of any online business. And if you are a blogger then you are very well known for the importance of email outreach.

The average click-to-open rate for emails is 15.49%. Besides that, 86% of professionals consider email as their best option for building online connections.

Since email outreach is such an important part of any online business, you must have a way or a method or a tool to find the personal and business email addresses of your desired business. That’s where the email finder came in.

Although, there are numerous other methods that can help you in locating emails of your desired person or business most of them are not good enough and are very time-consuming. The easiest and quickest method is using an email finder.

Now there are a lot of tools and software in the market which can help you to find emails online but choosing a good one that fits with your business structure can be an irritating and time-consuming process.

So to make your work easy I have created this list of 9+ best email finder to skyrocket email outreach and find professional and personal email addresses.

Overall Best Email Finder (My Top Picks).

If you are here to just know about the top email-finding platforms then this category is only for you. In this category, I have enlisted the top 3 email-finding software. These are overall the best software in the market right now for finding emails.

Take A look!

1. Hunter.io

Paid pricing starts from $49/month.

hunter.io best email finder

Hunter is one of the best professional and personal email-finding software available online. As its name suggests, it is the no.1 email finder, email verifier, and lead hunter.

Finding an email with this tool is very handy. It is the best option for those bloggers who want to connect with other professional bloggers. You just have to type the domain name of any blogger’s website, and HUNTER will find out all the professional and personal email addresses of that blog or website owner.

The same goes for any online business. You just have to type their companies name into the search box and it will do the rest.

As we talked about before that it is very useful for bloggers, they have introduced an amazing new feature of Author Finder. With this feature, you just need an URL of the article of the author you want to find and, boom! Hunter will enrich you with all the contact details of the author you want to connect with. You can find the author’s details in bulk too.

Plus, all the main services of HUNTER are also available through API.

Hunter is also available as a chrome extension, FIREFOX add-on, and googles sheet add-on which makes it more easily accessible. Also, it comes with popular CRM integrations like SALESFORCE, HUBSPOT, PIPEDRIVE, ZOHO, AND ZAPIER which helps your business to increase its outreach faster.

Available As:- Web App, chrome extension, and through API.

Is Free Trial Available:- Yes👍.

Tutorial Video:- Learn how to find emails with HUNTER with this amazing tutorial.


  • Helps in finding the email address of any company or any professional in seconds.
  • Comes with popular CRM integrations.
  • Author finder feature which helps in finding any author with the help of the URL of the author’s article.
  • Free-trial available.
  • Available in various forms which makes it easily accessible.
  • Clear and easy interface.


HUNTER offers 5 different pricing plans for their users.

  • The first plan is completely free and users can get limited access to their services. Users can find 25 emails with this plan.
  • STARTER Plan with a price of $49/month allows you to find 500 emails per month with 1,000 verifications.
  • GROWTH Plan comes with a price of $99/month. You can find 2,500 emails and can verify 5,000 emails.
  • Pro plan with $199/month helps you in finding 10,000 emails per month.
  • Enterprise plan for $399/month. You can find 30,000 emails and can verify 60,000 emails per month with this plan.

What makes HUNTER.IO the best?

As we all know that it helps us to find any type of professional email just with the help of any company’s name. One best thing about it is its bulk email finder feature.

Instead of searching email addresses one by one, you can directly upload a list of names of domains or companies and HUNTER will bring you the list of emails of all those companies.

Another feature that I like the most is its Author email finder. Being a blogger, I feel really satisfied with their services. Price is also very reasonable and customer service is outstanding.

2. Snov.io

snov io email finder

SNOV is a powerful email finder and verifier with efficient contact management and cold email outreach tools. Along with being an email hunting tool, it is also a full-stack email outreach platform. Its free chrome email extension helps in finding email addresses manually and in bulk. With Snov.io you can find emails through the following methods.

  • With Domain Name-

It is very easy to find the email addresses of any domain with snov.io. First, enter the dashboard of snovio and select ‘Domain Search’ from the menu. Enter the name of the domain of which you want to know the email address and click on the button of search. It will bring you all email addresses related to that specific domain name.

Along with the list of email addresses, you will get a list of positions of people related to those email addresses.

  • By Company Name-

Just like domain search, it will help you to find out emails of professionals with the company names.

  • With Names Of Professional-

Enter First name, last name, and company’s domain or upload a list of all the above three and it will give you the list consisting email address of that guy.

  • By Boolean Search-

This search feature uses various search parameters to extract email addresses from large databases like LinkedIn or Google. For example, you can set parameters like job title, skills, and location to find out the exact lead you were looking for. To make your search process even easier they also provide filters so that you can exclude job titles and skills from your list.

Snovio is available as:- Chrome extension, Web app.

Is Free Trial Available:- Snovio offers a forever free plan with 50 monthly credits.

Tutorial Video For SNOV.IO:- Learn how to find leads with Snov.io in this video.

Snovio Features.

  • Manual email finder.
  • Bulk email finder.
  • Boolean search to narrow down your search data.
  • Contact management and cold email outreach tools.
  • CRM integrations.

SNOV.IO Pricing.

  • Their starting plan is S which is perfect for startups and solopreneurs. You can get 1,000 credits with this plan and 5,000 unique recipients with this plan. The cost of this plan is $33/month.
  • The next plan is M which is well suited to small marketing teams and small sales groups. This plan offers 5,000 credits and 10,000 recipients and the cost is $83/month.
  • If you want to expand your outreach strategy then the L plan is for you. 20,000 credits and 30,000 recipients with a cost of $158/month.
  • You can choose the XL plan if your sales team is highly established. The cost of this plan is $308/month in which you will get 50,000 credits and 50,000 recipients.
  • XXL plan is the last plan of this platform and is good enough for large enterprises. The cost of this plan is $615/month.

What Makes Snovio A Good Email Finder?

In my opinion, Snovio is a great tool to find emails it provides various tools to do so. In other words, Snovio provides various search methods and filters so that you can reach your leads or contacts’ right email. All search features of Snovio are advanced and updated. I personally like the Boolean search feature a lot. So for me, the reason for considering Snovio a good email finder is its various trustworthy search options.

3. Uplead


If you have a list of unfit buyers and low-qualified leads and want to convert a few of them into your customers then Uplead is the only solution. It not only helps you to find good leads from a list of good prospects it also helps you to identify leads from your residual data.

Uplead is not just an email-finding tool. Mainly, it is a B2B prospecting tool that helps you to collect thousands of leads for your business in just a few clicks.

To make sure that you connect to the right person every time, Uplead uses 50+ search filters. These search filters help you to connect with only those contacts or companies that fit your ideal buyer profile.

You can use Uplead to find out the email addresses and phone numbers of your potential buyers. You can even use its technology filter to find out leads on the basis of technology used by them. Along with finding leads for your business Uplead will also verify all the data in real-time so that you don’t have to waste your time with a dead lead.

So in Uplead’s full-stack, you will get-

  1. Prospector- To find ideal lead with 50+ search filter.
  2. Email verifier- To verify all of your data in real time.
  3. Data Enrichment Tool
  4. Technographics tool to filter leads on the basis of any specific technology.

Uplead is Available As:- Web app, Chrome Extension.

Is Free Trial Available For Uplead:- Yes👍

Tutorial Video For Uplead-

Uplead Features.

  • 50+ Advanced search features to close more deals and find better leads.
  • Find out email addresses and phone numbers of your desired prospects.
  • Real time data verification for better results.
  • Bulk email lookup with 40+ data points.
  • Credit rollover ystem for unused credits.
  • 7 days free trial available.
  • Chrome extension and API for convenience of customers.

Uplead Pricing.

Uplead offers a 7 day free trial with 5 credits.

  • Its paid plan starts from $74/month in which you will receive 2,040 annual credits to use their services. Plus Uplead won’t charge you for any false lead or contact and your remaining credits will be rollover for next month.
  • Second plan is Plus plan which costs $149/month. With this plan you will get 4,800 annual credits. All the features from Essential plan will be included in this plan with some extra featurs.
  • Next plan is Professional plan for $299/month. You will get 12,000 annual credits and full access of their tool with this plan.
  • They also have an Enterprise plan if you have some custom needs for your business. You can contact them and discuss your needs for this plan.

What Makes UPLEAD A Good Email Finder?

Uplead is the best prospecting tool in the market right now. It provides 95% of accuracy in its data. If you are using Uplead for building a list of prospects then you will see that the bounce rate of data provided by Uplead is far less than other tools. It has a huge database of contacts in more than 200 countries which means Uplead is more likely to find your desired clients than any other software. And last but not least I like their credit rollover feature too.

Best B2B Email Finders.

A B2B email finder is a chrome extension that helps you to extract business emails from LinkedIn. Basically, it works as a lead builder or lead-generating tool and helps you to collect important business data and email addresses using LinkedIn data.

There are a lot of names in this field but only a few have the quality of providing real data. Let’s discuss their names!

4. Aeroleads.


Aerolead is my favorite LinkedIn email-finding tool. It not only helps you out in finding emails from LinkedIn, but you can also find people on CrunchBase, AngelList, and Xing by using its free Chrome extension.

Aeroleads helps you to find out new leads and create a list of emails in real-time. It is very easy to find professional business emails with their chrome plugin. Just follow these steps-

  • First of all install their free chrome extension and sign up.
  • Go to Linkedin search and enter the person’s name and hit the serach button.
  • It will bring you all data related to that person.

You can use the same process for the other sites mentioned above. By using Aeroleads you can find business emails with company name, company URL, job title, location, etc. To check the validity of their provided email addresses they also offer the service of a real-time email verifier.

The best part is that with their Bulk feature you can add 2500 contact at once in just one click. You can also integrate Aeroleads with your CRM software.

Aeroleads Is Also Available As:- Chrome and Firefox extension.

Is Free Trial Available For Uplead:- You will get 10 free credits on sign up.

Aeroleads Features-

  • Finds buisness emails by name or comapny name. You can also upload a list of both to collect emails in bulk.
  • Finds data related to full name, job title, location etc in just one click.
  • Along with emails also provides phone numbers.
  • Real-time email verifier to validate the data.
  • Easy CRM integration.

Aeroleads Pricing-

There are four pricing plans offered by Aeroleads.

  • The Take Off plan is the first and the basic plan of its services. The cost of this package is $49/Month in which you will get 1,200 total credits.
  • Climb is the second plan and is a little bit advance than the first one. The cost of this plan is $149/Month. With this plan you will get 5,000 total credits.
  • The cost of the third plan is $499/month which offers 18,000 credits and is best suited to large organizations.
  • The last plan is a custom plan which is degined for enterprise level. If you want to discuss details about this plan you can contact their sales team on their official website.

What Makes Aeroleads A Good Email Finder?

In my opinion, the biggest plus point for Aeroleads is its convenience in use. It is very easy to extract business-related info from Linkedin in just a few clicks. Just sign up and you will be able to find out email addresses, phone numbers, company names, URLs, Job titles, and location easily.

It is a simple tool and that is what makes it special!

5. Skrapp

Skrapp email finding tool

Just like Aeroleads, Skrapp also offers a free browser extension. This free extension helps you to collect data for your outreach campaign.

With this free extension, you will be able to collect verified professional email addresses within a few seconds. You can extract business-related data from LinkedIn profiles, companies’ websites, or by using their in-app features.

It is very easy to use this free extension. Just install the extension and its logo will appear on the top right of your browser. Whenever you visit Linkedin or any company’s website, just click on the logo and it will provide you with crucial information like email address and positions.

You can also use their bulk feature to enrich your list of leads with verified emails of professionals. If you have a domain name then you can use their web app to find email addresses related to that specific domain. Along with finding emails Skrapp also verifies all email addresses in real-time to deliver the most accurate data to its users.

Skrapp is also available as:- Browser Extension.

Is Free Trial Available For Skrapp- Skrapp doesn’t offer any specific free trial but as soon as you will finish your sign up with it you will start receiving 150 free monthly credits for using basic services of their platform.

Skrapp Features-

  • Domain search to find emails from domain name.
  • Free browser extension.
  • Real-time email verifier.
  • Lightening fast support team.

Skrapp Pricing-

There are 4 main pricing plans for Skrapp.

  • Starter plan for $39/month in which you will get 1,000 emails per month.
  • Seeker plan for $79/month. You will get 5,000 emails and 5 users can access the platform with this plan.
  • The last two plans are Enterprise and Global which costs $159 and $239 per month repectively. The Ebterprise plan allows 8 users with 20,000 emails per month and Global plan allows 15 users with 50,000 emails per month.

6. Clearbit Connect.

clearbit connect

Just like any other b2b email searching software, Clearbit offers a free extension for its users with the name Clearbit connect.

Clearbit Connect is a free extension for your Gmail. With this smart extension, you can find email addresses by-

  • Searching the name of the companies.
  • By searching people with their name, job title or their role i their company.

You can easily find everything about your leads like their location, job title, social profiles, and last but not least their verified email addresses.

It will also put a light on their financial and business details.

Clearbit Connect pricing-

Although Clearbit connect is a free extension but with the free version, you will get limited credits to use their services. If your needs are more than that then you can contact their sales team.

7. Lusha


Lusha helps you to build a list of prospects and make sure you reach your ideal potential customer. It is used by top sales firms to locate accurate B2B contacts and company details. With GDPR aligned and CCPA compliant, Lush has the highest accuracy rate in finding verified emails and phone numbers.

Its enrichment tool can enrich your prospects’ list with their contact info in just a few seconds. With the help of this tool, you can easily find prospects on LinkedIn, Gmail, and any B2B site.

Lusha offers its services through the Lusha Prospecting Platform and Lusha extension.

Its prospecting tool uses laser targeting search to help you in building an ideal list of prospects and with its browser extension, you can find and connect prospects on LinkedIn or any other site on the internet.

Lusha Is Available As:- Webapp and Browser Extension.

It has a free plan in which you will get 5 free monthly credits which you can use to find email addresses and phone numbers.

Lusha Features-

  • 100mn+ contatcs eo build a perfect propects list.
  • 1-click integration with top CRM platforms.
  • 140+ contact details through bulk enrichment tool.

Lusha Pricing-

Lusha has 1 free and 3 paid plans. The paid plans for Lusha start from $59/month.

Best Personal Email Finder.

Following software not only find email addresses but also gives you information like phone numbers and social media accounts.

8. Nymeria


When you have Nymeria with you the information of your prospects is just a few clicks away. As you can see in the above picture Nymeria helps you to find emails associated with social and professional network profiles.

Nymeria reveals emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles of your prospects. You can use Nymeria with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Github. Along with these websites, you can also use Nymeria on 20+ other websites to find emails and other information.

Nymeria provides an all-in-one solution for its users to find and manage their contacts. Just find your ideal lead with Nymeria and create their list by categorizing all of these contacts. You can even export your entire spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

Nymeria Pricing-

You can take a test drive without any card information. paid plans start from $39/month with 100 contacts.

9. SignalHire.

SignalHire is basically a recruiting software that helps recruiters or marketers to collect data about their candidates. This tool helps to find valid and verified personal and professional emails and phone numbers.

SignalHire gives you full access to their database of 200mn+ candidates, 8 million companies, and 200 industries. Apart from finding emails and phone numbers, you can also find social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, and MeetUp.

Soon they are about to launch the same service for sites like Gmail, Xing, and Quora. After collecting contact details SignalHire also verifies the data with a 3rd party verification software and delivers only the best to you.

Also, finding emails in bulk is 1000x faster with SignalHire. You can literally search for 1000 contact at a time with its bulk-looking feature. Apart from names, you can also find emails and phone numbers with the position, job titles, and location of the person.

SinalHire Is Also Available As- Browser Extension.

Free Trial- Yes you will get 5 free monthly credits.

SignalHire Features-

  • Webapp and browser extension for convinence of users.
  • 3rd party verification in real time.
  • Bulk service to find 1000+ contacts at one click.
  • Bollean search filters are also supported.
  • Top CRM integration.

SignalHire Pricing-

Paid plans start from $39/month with 350 email credits per month.

Why Use Email Finders To Find Email Addresses?

Email finders are not the only method of finding someone’s email. In fact a few years back when technology was not so advanced, people use to try different hacks and tricks to find other people’s email addresses and other contact details and one of them was Twitter.

And most of the old methods of finding contact details were completely free. Then why do people stop using those methods?

Well, the reason is the time consumption of these methods. All the old methods were very time-consuming which can exhaust all of your energy and you wouldn’t get time to perform other important tasks.

Also, the outcomes of these methods are not always accurate.

For example, one of these methods is guessing the email address of any person by combining his or her first and last name with their company name or domain name. Now there is a high possibility that you guess an email address and that’s not the right one. And since you don’t know that you are sending emails to a non-existing email address or to someone who is not your guy.

To avoid all this hassle and confusion more and more companies have started using email software to find emails of their prospects, leads, or potential customers.

Do Email Finders Provide Accurate Data?

Well, to be honest, no email-finding software is 100% accurate. Even there is no software that could claim to provide 100% right data. But chances of hitting a wrong or non-existing email address, while using an email finding software, are very low.

Some of the software even claim 95% accuracy in their data. Also, this software verifies all the data with their real-time verification tools. So most of the time you will get the right email address. Apart from that, the data provided by email finding tools are far more accurate than data collected by old search methods.

How to Choose The Right Email Finder For Your Business?

Every business has its own requirements and different financial structure. Before investing your money into any software you must compare the following aspects-

Price- Can you afford their plans in a long run? If you find out that the pricing plan of the software is suitable for your budget then you must shortlist that software.

Accuracy- Is the company claiming the accuracy of their data? What percentage they are claiming? You must always choose software with a high accuracy rate.

Free trial- Always look for a free trial so that you can take a test drive and ca check the capability of the platforms.

Features- Some platforms offer more features at less prices you must always compare all the platforms before buying any paid plan.

It’s Upto You…

In business, every lead counts. You must try to grab every opportunity and this is only possible if you use the right platform for your protecting and outreaching process.

I hope the above list of 9+ best email finders will help you to achieve your goals faster. If this article helps you to achieve your goals then don’t hesitate to thank me in the comments😊.

Aakash Verma

My job is to test and try different business software and recommend the best one to others so that they can save their time and money.

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