List Of All-Time Best Mass Email service to Send bulk Emails.

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Before we dive into the list of the top 9 bulk email service of 2021, let’s talk about the top 3 mass email service in brief.

🏆 Top 3 Mass Email Service.

1. Sendinblue.

Bulk email service
TechsWorm Rating 4.8/5
G2 Rating 4.6/5
Capterra Rating 4.5/5

Quick Introduction- Sendinblue is a cloud-based marketing software suite with all basic and advanced level services like email marketing, transactional emails, marketing automation, CRM, and much more. The company was founded in 2007 and is currently helping 90000+ users to grow their online business.

Pricing Packages.

  • Free Plan Up to 300 emails per day.
  • Lite Plan – $20.66/Month for 10k monthly emails.
  • Premium Plan – $53.30/Month for 20k monthly emails.
  • Enterprise Plan – Contact Them.

2. PepiPost.

TechsWorm Rating 4.6/5
G2 Rating 4.5/5
Capterra Rating 4.3/5

Quick Introduction- NetCore email API formerly known as PepiPost is an all-in-one email marketing solution that provides mass email service with improved and better AI and email API. The company is trusted by 50,000+ users and is compatible with all types of businesses.

Pricing Packages.

  • Visit their official site to understand their pricing structure.

3. ElasticMail.

bulk email service
TechsWorm Rating 4.5/5
G2 Rating 4.4/5
Capterra Rating 3.1/5

Quick Introduction- Elastic email is a well-known email marketing automation and bulk email service founded in 2010. The platform is one of the best email automation software that provides the most cost-effective email API. Elastic email helps to easily connect and send email via HTTP API or SMTP relay.

Pricing Packages.

  • Unlimited Plan – $15/Month up to 5,000 contacts.
  • Unlimited Pro – $30/Month up tp 5,000 contacts with advance features.

What Is A Mass Email Service?

A mass email service or bulk email software is a tool that allows you to perform instant email marketing tasks on a mass level. Generally, a mass email service is used for sending marketing emails in bulk. Most bulk email services are web-based and can be accessed easily.

Sending bulk emails is a common practice for companies that helps them to boost their email campaign outreach. Using bulk email software not only reduces your workload but also increases the overall efficiency of your email marketing campaign.

Using emails as a primary channel for business interaction is a good idea but when you are using email to reach out to a very large number of people at the same time then it is almost impossible to reach every single client via sending emails manually.

In fact, 35% of marketers send their every customer 3-5 emails per week. Sending emails manually in such a large quantity is very time-consuming. That’s why using a bulk email tool is a good option.

Now due to the rapid evolution of technology, the internet is flooded with such type of software that it is really very difficult to choose the right one for your business. That’s why in this list I have included some of the top mass email services that will steal your heart🧡.

Don’t believe me? Then take a look!

Top 9 Best Bulk Email Platforms – In Detail.

Now lets’ talk about all 9 top mass email software in detail i.e. their pricing and features.

1. Sendinblue – Best Mass Email Tool With Automation.

Paid Pricing Starts From $20.66/month.

sendinblue bulk email software

Sendinblue is an all-in-one email marketing suite that helps in all email marketing tasks like email marketing automation, sending transactional emails, and segmentation of market area o the basis of their industries. Along with that, you will get an SMS messaging feature to communicate better with your customers and an amazing CRM system to maintain good customer relations.

Now let’s talk about its mass email capability. Sendinblue is a great tool to use for sending marketing emails in large quantities. It is an affordable and powerful mean of sending mass emails.

First of all, they offer a free bulk email service that allows you to send 300 emails every day to unlimited subscribers and if you want more than that then you can increase your email limits by signing up for a premium plan which is also very cost-effective.

Sendinblue’s bulk email service is run by a dedicated team of deliverability experts that helps your emails to avoid spam folders and lands your email in the inbox of your target every time. It helps you to deliver rapid emails in which 99.98% of emails will get delivered under a time of 20 seconds. If you are looking for top-class software for sending bulk emails then Sendinblue is my no.1 recommendation to you.

Key Features.

  • Allows you to send 300 email per day to unlimited subscribers completely free.
  • It Uses rigorous validation process to keep spammers out.
  • Monitors IPs of sender to evaluate their reputations.
  • Detailed email reports and analytics to check the real-time delivery rate and performance metrics.
  • Custom webhooks to get instant updates in the way you want to get them.
  • Affordable pricing.

Who Is It Best For? – This platform is best for any size of business whether it is a small firm or a large business, anyone can take advantage of this tool. In my opinion, those companies who want bulk email software for marketing should definitely give it a try.

Want to start your first campaign with Sendinblue?

Then watch this tutorial on how to launch an email campaign with SendinBlue👇👇.


2. Omnisend (Updated) – Bulk Email Service With SMS Marketing.

Paid Pricing Starts From $16/month.

bulk email tool

Now we all know that using emails to interact with your potential customers is a very good way to convert them but if you want to double this conversion rate then you must use a combination of emails and SMS to attract more and more customers.

Even most of the big companies use SMS as their primary online marketing channel.


If you want to use both emails and SMS in your online marketing plan and looking for a tool that can combine both these channels into a single workflow then Omnisend is your answer.

The thing which makes it one of the best tools for sending bulk emails is that along with sending automated emails, Omnisend can also boost your revenue growth and conversion rate by sending personalized and well-targeted SMS.

With its robust email marketing features, you can easily create a personalized email campaign in just a few seconds. Not only that you will get sets of advanced tools to measure the success of your email campaigns. With tracking tools, you will be able to evaluate how your audience is engaging with your emails.

Along with email campaigns you can also create SMS campaigns and push notification campaigns to build up a sense of urgency in your audience.

Key Features Of Omnisend.

  • Combines emails and SMS in single channel of workflow.
  • 14-days free trial.
  • Drag and drop automation editor.
  • Customer segmentation with product analytics.
  • Advanced reporting for campaign and automation reports.
  • 40+ integrations for better experience.

Who Is It Best For? – Omnisend works as the no.1 tool for boosting your sales. In fact, it provides a dedicated sales dashboard so that you can keep an eagle eye on your sales performance. It provides features like popups and landing pages to engage more audience and increase your conversion rate. So if you want a bulk email tool with the advanced level of sales features then Omnisend must be on your list.

If you are also new to this platform and want to have a quick tour of all features then watch this beginner’s tutorial.


3. Pepipost – Bulk Email Sender With Best Deliverability Rate.

Paid Pricing Starts From $17.5/month.

Do you know that 83% Of B2B companies use email newsletter as a part of their content marketing program but the biggest rock in their way is deliverability. (Source – Pepipost)


Yes, the biggest problem every business faces is related to the deliverability of emails. You don’t want your emails to get stuck in the spam folder of your customers right?

That’s what PepiPost can help you with. If you want to make sure that your email lands in the inbox of your customers every time then you must choose Pepipost. There are a lot of other bulk email services that provide a good deliverability rate but the thing that places Pepipost above other tools is its affordable prices.

Pepipost helps you to achieve higher ROI because the price of its bulk email sender is half of the other email senders’ prices in the market.

To make sure the deliverability and right inboxing of your emails Pepipost use AI and MI. It also helps you to analyze real-time data of your emails to optimize the deliverability of your emails. Also, the delivery rate of Pepipost is higher than any other 3rd party email sender.

Pepipost is currently maintaining businesses of 50000+ users that give an idea of the efficiency of their services. If you want to have a taste of their service then you can sign-up for their free trial in which you will get to send 30,000 emails for 30days and after that 100 emails per day forever.

In my opinion, Pepipost is an affordable and efficient business tool for sending bulk emails!

Key Features Of Pepipost.

  • Great service with cheap prices.
  • Real-time analytics to track all of your emails in real time.
  • Seamless integrations.
  • GDPR compliant with secure payment gateways.
  • Email API that delivers emails in less than 3 minutes.
  • Globally distributed SMTP service.

Who Is It Best For? – Pepipost is a tool that is known for its deliverability rate. Trust me, they provide a deliverability rate of 98% which means your emails will get delivered to the inbox of your customer nearly every single time. And all these services will come at an affordable price. So if you are looking for an affordable platform for sending emails in bulk with a high deliverability rate then go for it.

If you want video tutorials for Pepipost then visit their youtube channel.

4. ElasticEmail – Best Cost-effective Bulk Email Service.

Paid Pricing Starts From $15/month.

Another great tool in this list is ElasticEmail. ElasticEmail uses a comprehensive set of advanced tools to build up a strong relationship with your customers.

It not only helps you to deliver emails on a mass level but also provides you set of tools to design your own branded and beautiful emails. You can even code your own email template in HTML.

Not only that you can send marketing emails without even moving your hand with autoresponders of ElasticEmail. Elastic Email works in a well-defined order in which it first helps you to collect emails from its web forms or newsletter forms then helps you to create a strong relationship with your subscribers by sending automated emails.

Along with that, you will get advanced tracking tools so that you can keep track of the responses you are getting on your emails.

The deliverability rate of Elastic Email is also very good. You can easily connect your email via their HTTP API or SMTP relay and can increase your email limits up to 100 million emails per month.

If you are not sure about it then let me tell you that they currently are helping 30000+ companies globally to reach their goals and some of the top brands are on their customer’s list.

Key Features Of ElasticEmail.

  • Email automation.
  • Contact segmentation.
  • Integration with powerful tools.
  • A/X template testing.
  • 24/7 support.

Who Is It Best For? – Elastic Email offers the best services at lower prices so if you don’t want to put much stress on your pocket but still want high-level services then ElasticEmail can help you.

5. Mailgun – Best Mass Email Service For Developers.

Paid Pricing Starts From $35/month.

One of the best email services specially built for developers, Mailgun is trusted by the top 225,000+ businesses around the world.

Nearly all of their services are API-based which helps you send and receive and even track your emails without much effort.

Mailgun is not just a mass email sending service but also a best-in-class builder. You can create stunning and engaging emails in just a few seconds.

With easy-to-use email marketing tools, you can easily run a successful email marketing campaign.

Use advanced features like segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing to improve your deliverability and help you to land your email every time in the inbox of your receiver.

Easy SMTP integration helps you to cut down messy and tedious details of sending transactional or bulk emails. RESTful API is helpful to scale your email campaign and you can send from 10 to 10 million emails in bulk.

Mailgun not only helps you to create email campaigns but also validates your lists of email addresses.

Its fast and simple API validates your emails in real-time and saves your money from wasting on non-existing email addresses.

Mailgun email validation API not only verifies current email addresses but also gives you the right data about new addresses of your parties. Overall it is a good email service to send transactional and bulk emails.

Key Features Of Mailgun.

  • Mass email service with email testing tools.
  • Blacklist monitoring tools to keep a tab on status of email addresses.
  • Spam email checker to filter your emails from spammy mesages.
  • Real-time email validation services to validate your emails.
  • Best email service to improve your deliverability rate.

Who Is It Best For? – The first thing that I loved about this platform is that with the Flex plan which is basically a free plan of Mailgun, you will get 5000 free emails per month for 3 months.

Not only that with this plan you will get analytics features like email tracking and analytics to track the performances of your emails. This plan is a good start if you want to understand this platform and want to know more about it.

Another feature that is really very impressive is its log & reports section. This section is designed to deliver the right and actual status of each and every email that you have send and if the email is not delivered then the exact reason for that will also be displayed alongside your email.

6. GetResponse – With Marketing Automation.

Paid Pricing Starts From $12.30/month.

mass email sending software

Getresponse is one of the best transactional email software with a marketing automation system to provide more exposure to your email marketing campaign.

In fact, Getresponse is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides all features like website builder, signup form builder, marketing automation, live chat, landing pages, webinars, and paid ads under one roof.

You can use either API or SMTP-triggered transactional email to send various types of notifications to your customers. It also sends automated abandoned cart emails so that you can convert more visitors into customers.

Plus, it is also very easy to connect your CMS or e-commerce platform with Getresponse. It will take literally three steps to connect with Getresponse.

  • First, Choose either API or SMTP to get started.
  • Then migrate your email marketing database to Getresponse.
  • And, finally set up your custom email notifications in external apps and you are done.

Along with a 99% email deliverability rate, you will also get a protected sender reputation for optimal performance.

Key Features Of GetResponse.

  • Sends Transactional emails with 99% deliverability.
  • Autoresponders to send transactional emails.
  • List management and email analytics to keep a check on your performance.
  • Custom pricing plans based on your monthly sendng needs.
  • Easy integration with CMS and ecommerce platorms.

Who Is It Best For? – If you are looking for a tool to send bulk emails, create landing pages, and automate your email marketing then this is the platform that you must check out.

7. MailerSend – With Marketing Automation.

Premium Plan Starts From $25/month.

With powerful infrastructure, easier email API, SMTP relay, and dynamic email templates, Mailersend is one of the best bulk email sending services.

Mailersend provides all types of basic and advanced features that help you to collaborate on transactional emails.

Its sets of features include a drag and drop email editor, flexible API for making your job easy, webhooks, and much more. Mailersend uses an automatic system to manage and improve your email deliverability rate so that your email lands in the inbox of your client every time.

Its list of amazing features doesn’t end here. In addition to these features, Mailersend also provides a range of real-time analytics so that you can optimize your emails and can keep a check on what is working and what is not for you.

Along with that, it offers advanced features like Suppression list management that protect your sending reputation. It separates the list of email addresses and domains that you should not send emails to.

Also, you will get an inbound routing system that automatically parses incoming emails. Overall it is a good option for sending and tracking emails in bulk.

Key Features Of MailerSend.

  • SMTP relay so that you can send emails quickly with reliable internet standards.
  • Webhooks to trigger automatic reactions of your integrations.
  • Suppression list management to keep your IP reputation optimized.
  • Rich-text email editor to create simple and plain text emails.
  • HTML email template editor.
  • Real-time email tracking with advanced analytics features.
  • Drag and drop template builder for easily creating the email templates that you really needs.
  • Add multiple domains to manage your different brand or products with single MailerSend account.

8. SendGrid – Best For Sending Promotional Emails.

Paid Pricing Starts From $14.95/month.

SendGrid is one of the leading brands in the industry of sending transactional and promotional work emails. It is a cloud-based email service that replaces the traditional in-house email infrastructure of sending bulk emails so that customers don’t have to build, scale and maintain their own email systems.

Sendgrid helps you to scale your email deliverability with confidence. It delivers more than 90 billion emails per month so that you can send more and more emails in less time with better deliverability.

In terms of convenience, it is a very handy tool if you are planning to send transactional and marketing emails together because it allows you to access the database, clean it and get permission from your client at the same time.

Not only for bulk emails but Sendgrid can also be used for newsletter messages, for sales funnel, and for sending automated thank-you emails after your customers have made a purchase. Also, it is very easy to integrate PCR and CRM systems for recruiting process.

Key Features Of SendGrid.

  • Affordable prices.
  • Great SMTP and API integration.
  • Automatically validate email address of your sender.
  • Integration with other systems is also very easy.
  • Individual email tracking system.
  • Great support team.

9. Postmark – Fastest Bulk Email Sender.

Paid Pricing Starts From $10/month.

With lightning-fast email delivery, Postmark is a reliable tool for sending bulk emails. In fact, its speeding factor is that factor that makes it stand out in this list of bulk email sending software.

Along with a fast email service, you will get a highly advanced tracking system that will keep a track of your whole content history and stats of 45 days.

It also keeps the track of your sent emails. Right from the sending of email to the delivery of email, it tracks the complete journey of your email and finally verifies whether your message has been reached its destination or not.

Another thing that really touched my heart is their automated reporting system. I really loved the way how it automatically creates reports of your actions so that you don’t have to pull out your reports manually.

Its list of advanced features doesn’t end here. Another revolutionary feature is Rebound API that identifies those users who have entered the wrong email address during order or signup.

Overall it is a small company that maintains its quality of service to provide the best user experiences.

Key Features Of Postmark.

  • Cheapest pricing packages in the industry.
  • Easy-to-read user interface.
  • Real-time production server tracking.
  • Automated reporting system.
  • Proactive system status updates.
  • Great support team.

How To Find The Best Mass Email Service For Your Business?

Do you know that there are currently millions of developers available worldwide actively working and producing sets of various types of software?

Well, you can only imagine how many business software are currently available online. It is a complete ocean there and finding the right one for your business is like finding a needle in a desert.

I am trying to say that there are a lot of bulk email services are available but choosing the right one is a difficult task.

But you don’t have to worry about that because I am gonna mention a few points that you can match with the software that you are thinking to invest in.

Here You Go-

1. Speed.

I know what you might be thinking.

Speed? Does it really matter in the case of bulk email marketing and transactional emails?

Well, the short answer is YES!

On the surface sending, bulk marketing emails and transactional emails look really very simple but in deep it is a really complex process.

Especially if you are using the same stream for sending both marketing emails and transactional emails in bulk.

The reason behind this is that most email service providers focus on high volume bulk email campaigns (of course for money reasons) and give less priority to transactional emails.

This type of process can put your important transactional emails way behind the large bulk email campaigns.

So you must look for a platform that prioritizes your important emails over their money-making schemes and delivers your emails as fast as it can.

2. Deliverability.

Most of the ESPs are focused on quality over quantity. Let me explain it to you. Most of the mass email service providers will definitely help you to send lots of emails every single day.

But they keep their services limited to sending emails and care less about their delivery status.

It might possible that you think that the ESP has done its job but in reality, your emails are just getting into the spam folder of your receiver.

Roughly, 1 out of 6 emails lands in the spam folder, and that can be any email even the one which is the most important.

My point here is that you should always choose an ESP that prioritizes quality over quantity. Check for their deliverability rate. How often do their emails land in their inbox?

Do they keep track of your sent emails? Because there is no benefit of sending a series of emails if your emails are just ending in the spam folder of your users.

3. Price.

There is not much to explain about this point. You should always compare your needs, budget, and available options. Choose a mass email service that delivers your emails quickly with a good deliverability rate and also suits your pocket.

Don’t go for luxurious-looking software that drains out your budget. Think carefully about what you really need and create a list of software under your budget.

4. Free-Trial.

Not a necessary point to choose software but try to choose a service that provides a free trial or some free credits for their services. It will help you to evaluate the quality of service of any platform.

A free trial also defines the confidence of the company over its product. With a free trial, you will get a sneak into their premium features and it will give you an idea of whether you should choose it or not.

5. Customer Support.

Well, this point applies only if the company offers a free trial. If the software you are considering has a free trial then interact with their support team within that trial. Ask them questions about your problems with their services. See how quickly they respond to their queries. Do they really resolve your problems or not.

Wrapping Up🧡🧡🧡.

Use Mass email service has increased in the past few years because of the continuous growth of online businesses online market and it can actually be really helpful to save your time and increase your work productivity.

You just have to choose that platform that can help you to reach your goals in a less costly way. If you feel puzzled then choose one from the list I have mentioned above because I have listed only those which are best in the market right now!

If you ask me about my top choices then Sendinblue, Pepipost, Omnisend, and ElasticEmail are my recommendation to you!

I hope this list of the top 9 bulk email services for 2022 has helped you to get the answers to your questions. If it did then share it with others and also mention your favorite in the comments!

Aakash Verma

My job is to test and try different business software and recommend the best one to others so that they can save their time and money.

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