JotForm Alternatives In 2022 – 11 Top Competitors OF JotForm.

🏆 Top 3 JotForm Alternatives In Nutshell.

Note – In this list of Jot form alternatives, I have mentioned its top 11 competitors that can match the quality of its features. But it does not signify that they are somehow better or less than Jotform. I have listed these names based on research and recommendations.

jotform alternatives
Jotform Alternatives.

Before we went into the complete list of Jotform Competitors If you just want a quick overview of top alternatives of Jotform then here are my top 3 recommendations👇.

1. Typeform

TechsWorm Ratings 4.6/5

G2 Ratings 4.5/5

Capterra Ratings 4.7/5

Quick Introduction- Typeform is one of the top JotForm alternatives. With Typeform you can easily create professional-looking forms and surveys to easily collect feedback, job applications, and receive online payments.

Pricing Packages.

  • Freemium (Limited Access).
  • Essential – $35/month.
  • Professional – $50/month.
  • Premium – 70/month.

2. Wufoo

TechsWorm Ratings 4.5/5
G2 Ratings 4.2/5
Capterra Ratings 4.5/5

Quick Introduction- Second toughest competitor of JotForm is WuFoo. You can create a highly interactive online form with this tool. Wufoo is one of those form builders which automatically builds a database while designing forms.

Pricing Packages.

  • Freemium (Limited Access).
  • Starter – $14.08/month.
  • Professional – $29.8/month.
  • Advanced – $74.08/month.
  • Ultimate – $183.25/month.

3. SurveySparrow

TechsWorm Ratings 4.5/5
G2 Ratings 4.5/5
Capterra Ratings 4.4/5

Quick Introduction- Survey sparrow helps you to create highly engaging surveys and forms and automate the process of your visual workflow. You can create simple and interactive forms with surveysparrow in a few clicks and can collect important information for your business.

Pricing Packages.

  • Freemium (Limited Access).
  • Basic – $19/month.
  • Premium – $29/month.
  • For More info – Contact Them.

What Is JotForm – In Nutshell.

TechsWorm Ratings 4.8/5

JotForm is an online form builder that helps you to create professional-looking online forms and surveys and provides you the authority of full customization of your forms to match your brand.

It reduces your workload and simplifies your work by automating your approval process and blending approvals within your workflow.

You can easily create a new form by using their 10k+ pre-built templates. With JotForm you can create any kind of online form and even can create payment forms to receive online payments safely and securely.

If you want to learn more about JotForm then you can read the full review of JotForm by clicking on the button below.

Although JotForm is a top brand name in online form designing, it still has some loose points that can make you consider its alternatives. Take a look at some of its cons!

Jotform Pros.

  • Easy to use with conditional logics.
  • One of the simplest field mapping tool.
  • Variety of easy to use form templates.
  • Mobile responsive form templates.
  • HIPAA, GDPR and other security measures to provide maximum security to your and your users’ data.
  • Request forms are very creative.
  • Free version provide full access of their features.
  • Easy and secure third party payment integrations.

Jotform Cons.

  • The loading speed for card version forms a little bit slow.
  • URL of form can’t be customized and you cannot remove creator’s name from URL.
  • Prices are a little bit higher.
  • Sometimes have problems in embedding the form in website.
  • Don’t offers phone support to offer real time solutions.
  • You cannot download submission from multiple forms at a time.

In this list of Jotform alternatives, we will further discuss top platforms which are giving tough competition to JotForm. We will also discuss the facts that why should you consider these competitors of JotForm.

So let’s start!

11 Top JotForm Alternatives and Competitors.

To create this list, I tried other form builders and took some recommendations about these platforms from those who were using an online form builder. Then after collecting and analyzing their thoughts, I have summarized the best alternatives of Jotform in this list.

1. TypeForm.

Source: TypeForm.

If you are looking for an alternative to JotForm then you should consider TypeForm as your first choice.

TypeForm is a simple way to collect information from people. It is famous for its design responsiveness and ease of making new forms. The best thing is that it works well with every web browser. Want to use it then just type its name in your browser and start using it.

Not only that Typeform also has a vast variety of visually beautiful and interactive templates to build forms. Also, it offers the simplest and easiest form editor. Just simply drag and drop items and create a unique form for your business that matches your brand name.

Apart from that Typeform is one of the best places to create online surveys. The survey editor is also very intuitive. UI/UX is so much better than other traditional surveys. Whenever anyone will click on the link of your survey it will give a natural and organic feel to them which will boost the engagement rate.

Does TypeForm Provide A Free Trial?

TypeForm provides a free plan if you want to give it a try. You will get access to their services up to a certain limit. If you are interested in their product then you can use its free services by visiting their official website.

Main Features Of TypeForm.

  • Simple Drag and drop editor.
  • Seamless integration with top online software.
  • Collect online payments safely and securely.
  • Survey distribution tools.
  • Unlimited Logic jumps to deliver only relevant questions to your audience.
  • Conversion tracking tools to track results of your surveys and forms.
  • Create unique interactions by using hidden fields.

Pricing Of TypeForm.

  • Basic Plan for $25/Month and 100 responses per month.
  • Plus plan for $50/month and 1,000 responses per month.
  • Business plan for $83/month and 10,000 responses per month.

How TypeForm Is Better Than JotfForm?

The main advantage of TypeForm is its advance UI/UX which provides a modern as well as organic look to your forms and surveys. I liked their template designs and the organic feel in them.

Also, I found its interface a little easier than JotForm. Typeforms user interface is very conversational that provokes users to get involved in further discussions.

Another feature that JotForm lacks is integrated libraries of professional photos, videos, and icons. I think this one is one of the major advantages of Typeform over JotForm. I think if you are looking for a trustworthy alternative to JotForm then you should consider TypeForm.

2. WuFoo.


WuFoo is a cloud-based online form builder that helps you to create different types of online forms. With the help of this tool, you can easily create…

  • Registration Forms.
  • Application Forms.
  • Surveys.
  • Contact Forms.
  • Payment Forms and more.

Wufoo is an online form builder that is trusted by 3M+ users around the world. The best thing is that when you will start designing your form with WuFoo it will automatically build a database, backend, and scripts for your forms and designs.

The power of WuFoo is that it quickly creates beautiful and engaging forms and surveys without you having any hustle. After publishing your form you can easily export your form submissions to CSV and Excel files.

Wanna know more about Wufoo?

Read the full Wufoo review!

Does Wufoo Provide A Free Trial?

Wufoo offers a free plan to its users in which users are allowed to create 5 forms with a maximum of 10 fields. With a free plan, you can receive only 100 entries on your forms. In short, with a free plan, you can only create basic forms so if you want to create forms with advanced fields then you have to choose a paid plan.

Main Features Of Wufoo.

  • Customizable themes with custom branding features.
  • Award-winning drag and drop form builder.
  • Secure online payment gateways.
  • Secure payment enabled forms by 256-bit encryption.
  • 1,000+ integrations with Zapier and dozens o other online software.
  • Automate workflow to directly transfer your data to your CRM.

Pricing Of Wufoo.

  • Starter plan for $14.08/month. 1,000 form entries are allowed.
  • Professional plan for $29/month. 5,000 form entries are allowed.
  • Advanced plan for $74.08/month. 25,000 form entries are allowed.
  • Ultimate plan for $183.25/month. 200,000 form entries are allowed with this plan.

How Wufoo is better than JotForm?

Although Jotform is better than Wufoo in a lot of aspects the strength of Wufoo is its simple and easy interface. If you are new then understanding a lot of features of Jotform might get difficult and annoying for you.

 So if you are a beginner then you can try Wufoo. All of its tools are simple and easy to use. For beginners, Wufoo is my top recommendation.

3. SurveySparrow.

SurveySparrow is a well-known name in the world of form and survey builders. This software is known for its classic online forms and interactive chat surveys. SurveySparrow delivers an omnichannel experience by providing all data in one place.

SurveySparrow takes the process of data collection to a next level. The logic branching feature is just amazing and helps you to boost audience engagement.

They also offer multiple sample themes and pre-made templates to help small and medium-level form builders. SurveySparrow depicts all of your data in customizable graphical form so that you can easily understand the results of your surveys.

It is a trustworthy name in the field of form/survey building software. That’s why they have 50,000+ customers in more than 149 countries.

Does SurveySparrow Provide A Free Trial?

Yes, SurveySparrow offers a free trial if you are interested in their software. You will get access to their premium features for 14 days without filling in any card details.

Main Features Of SurveySparrow.

  • Offline surveys to collect data without connecting to internet.
  • Multilingual surveys to collect data from the globe in different languages.
  • Visual workflow to automate actions based on survey triggers.
  • Single sign-on for your complete team.
  • Create smart surveys by using conditional logic branching.
  • Collect omni channel feedbacks by sharing surveys via emails, social links, Qr codes and email embed.

Pricing Of SurveySparrow.

  • Business plan for $99/month in which 10k responses are allowed.
  • Enterprise Plan for$449/month in which 50k responses are allowed.
  • For a bigger plan contact their sales team on their official website.

How SurveySparrow is better than JotForm?

The first thing that likes about SurveySparrow which makes it better than JotForm is that they offer a complete sneak-peak free trial for all of their services.

You can use their services for 14 days free without spending a single penny.

The second thing and most important thing is that Surveysparrow provides phone support to resolve real-time problems of their users but JotForm doesn’t have a phone support feature.

4. Cognito Forms.

cognito form builder

4th alternative to Jotform is Cognito form online form builder. The reason that this software is included in this list of JotForm competitors is its flexible layout.

Cognito Forms is a hustle-free platform that allows you to create and publish highly engaging online forms and provide you with a flexible layout to edit whatever you want.

With this tool, you can share your forms with your clients via emails, and whenever they will submit their responses you will get notified by email. Form designing is very easy with Cognito and whenever your customization is complete it will generate a downloadable PDF format of your form.

As soon as you will finish your sign-up with Cognito you will get 50 pre-built templates to design your form. You can customize these templates according to your brand requirements.

Does Cognito Forms Provide A Free Trial?

They offer an Individual plan for those users who want to try Cognito Forms for free. Under this plan, only one user can create unlimited forms and 500 per month entries are allowed on those forms. You will also get a 100 MB space for your data storage.

Main Features Of Cognito Forms.

  • Visual Logic Builder to control behaviour of your forms.
  • Dynamic repeating sections to collect more information from your users.
  • Secure and reliable payment options to collect online payments with security.
  • HIPAA, GDPR AND CCPA security compliance.
  • 1000+ online software integrations.
  • 50+ pre-built online form templates.

Cognito Forms Pricing.

  • A free plan that allows 500 per month entries on your forms.
  • PRO plan for $15/month in which 2 users are allowed and 2000 monthly entries are allowed on your forms.
  • Team plan for $35/month. 5 users and 10,000 monthly entries are allowed.
  • ENTERPRISE plan for $99/month in which 20 users and unlimited form entries are allowed.

How Cognito Form Is Better Than JotForm?

JotForm is a great platform to create online forms but Cognitoforms is more flexible than JotForm. But that’s not the reason for this tool is in this list of Jotform alternatives. The main difference is between the pricing packages of both platforms. Cognito Forms is more affordable in comparison to Jotform.

So if you are looking for an affordable opinion you must consider Cognito forms. 

5. Paperform

Paperform is not like your traditional form builder. It is more than that. You can create beautiful forms and to save your time Paperform will automate all your workflow.

Paperform is a trustworthy name in the field of top form builders. You can create online forms, payment, and product pages quickly without having any technical knowledge.

To make your form more engaging you can insert pictures, videos, and texts anywhere in your form. To make your work easier they provide 300+ unique and beautiful form templates.

It is a legit form-building platform that is trusted by more than 6000 businesses around the world.

Does Paperform Provide A Free Trial?

Yes, they provide a 14 day free trial to those users who want to try first before investing their money in this platform. You will get access to their premium services with this free trial and you can cancel this trial anytime within this period.

Main Feature Of Paperform.

  • Smart Forms to improve your users experience.
  • 300+ unique form templates.
  • 22+ Question types to collect more data.
  • 1000+ apps integrations.
  • TLS 1.2 SSL security to secure all form submissions.
  • 14 day free trial.

How Paperform Is Better Than JotForm?

The first thing which I think is pretty amazing is that Paperform has this preview option which works like a live preview of your form. You can easily preview all of your work and can see how all of your customizations will look.

Another thing is that it offers a live chat option to resolve real-time problems which JotForm lacks.

6. 123FormBuilder.

The next tool in this list of top Jotform competitors is 123FormBuilder. 123 Form Builder helps you to create perfect online forms for any purpose without coding.

With drag and drop editor you can create a form with lightning-fast speed and can publish those forms anywhere on the internet. 123Formbuilder brings all data to one place that helps you to convert complex forms into easily understandable forms.

The tool comes with GDPR and HIPAA compliance which ensure the safety of your and your user’s data. You can also receive online payments 123Formbuilder by simply selecting third-party payment gateways such as Paypal, Mailchimp, Stripe, etc.

Does 123Formbuilder Provide A Free Trial?

They offer a free plan in which 1 user can create only 1 smart form with 123formbuilder. Although there is no limit on receiving submissions in a free trial you will not get any storage option for your data with this free plan.

Main Features Of 123Formbuilder.

  • Free version allowed unlimited submissions.
  • 100+ unique form templates.
  • Multi language forms to conquer the world.
  • More than 30 elements to add in your forms.
  • Conditional logic builder so that users can skip to the relevant questions only.
  • Responsive forms that works on all types of devices.

7. Microsoft Forms

This list of best Jotform alternatives is incomplete without mentioning the name of this great form builder. A form designing tool from the most trustworthy brand, what can be greater than this.

Microsoft forms offer you easy to use interface and clear and creative templates to design your online forms. you can quickly collect data with polls and branching questions.

It will instantly visualize your all data in the form of graphs and charts so that you can easily understand the results. Seamless integrations with the best apps make it more accessible to your audience. Also, you can create multilingual forms with this tool.

Does Microsoft Forms Provide A Free Trial?

They don’t provide a free trial but anyone who has a Microsoft account can access all premium features of Microsoft form.

You can learn more about this product on their website.

8. Formstack.

Formstack is known for its automation process. It helps you to gather data with interactive online forms and automates tasks in just a few clicks.

Formstack makes the task of data collection and data management very easy. This drag and drop form editor comes with HIPAA compliance and can also design mobile-friendly forms very easily.

Formstack’s analytics unveils important details about your form’s performance so that you can take action to improve your conversion rate. 100+ integrations help you to boost your workflow.

Does Formstack Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Formstack offers a 14-days free trial to its users.

Main Features Of Formstack.

  • Simple drag and drop form designer.
  • HIPAA compliant forms.
  • Mobile friendly form builder.
  • Analytics to measure the response on your forms.
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA to keep unwanted spam out.
  • 256-Bit SSL and data encryption to protect all users data.

Formstack Pricing.

  • Starter Plan for $50/month. You can design basic forms and a maximum of 1,000 submissions are allowed. Only 1 user can use the services under this program.
  • Team plan for $83/month. In this plan, you will get access to advance features of Formstack.
  • Pro plan for $208/month and can fulfill all requirements of larger teams.
  • They also have an enterprise plan. If you want to know more about this plan then you can contact them here.

9. FormAssembly.

With Unmatched integrations and easy customization, Formassembly is one of the top Jotform alternatives.

Streamlined workflows help you to organize your data in a better way and reduce your time consumption. To make their platform the most secure data collection platform they have been certified as HIPAA and PCI compliant.

FormAssembly reduces your cost of paper and printing and saves time and productivity by eliminating manual data entry. The thing that I liked the most is that it comes with salesforce Integration that allows you to update your records, prefill forms, send attachments, and more.

Does FormAssembly Provide A Free Trial?

Yes, FormAssembly does have a free trial. In which you will be given access to their services for 14 days.

Main Features Of FormAssembly.

  • Create highly engaging forms and upload files and images in your forms.
  • Add your custom branding in your forms.
  • Single page forms to ask one question at a time.
  • Encrypted form submission to ensure maximum security of your data.
  • Integrations with top online software.

Pricing Of FormAssembly.

  • Professional plan for $89/month. Premier plan for $224/month. They also have an enterprise cloud plan if you want more features.

10. Zoho Forms

Another name in this list of Jotform alternatives is a tool that is backed by a top software brand. With Zoho forms, you can create beautiful forms without typing any code line.

It provides 40+ field types so that you can gather more and more information. Zoho forms provide highly customizable, situation-specific themes and a simple user interface so that you can design fully functional forms.

You can trigger email and SMS notifications for form submission so that whenever you receive any submission then you get notified. With its powerful analytic tools, you can easily analyze your data and optimize your results.

Get more information about pricing and feature by clicking on the link.

11. ProntoForms

Prontoforms is an enterprise-level drag and drops form builder that helps you to create mobile-friendly and highly engine online forms.

Its mobile responsiveness is its biggest advantage against JotForm. It is also famous for its mobile form automation feature.

With ProtoForms, you don’t need IT skills to build an automated workflow. Just simply use its drag and drop editor and design your automated workflow. With its automated workflow, you can share or distribute your data in real-time.

You can also integrate your mobile forms with some out-of-the-box online apps.


Then follow the link the know more about its pricing and features.

Now we have discussed all 11 top competitors of Jotform in this list of Jotform alternatives but is it necessary to switch to these alternatives?

What are the top names that you should consider if you are planning to switch your form builder?

To get answers to all these questions follow the FAQ.


Read this short FAQ if you still got any questions left!

Why you should consider Jotform alternatives?

To be honest, Jotform is the ultimate form-building form. They provide the maximum number of integrations and pre-built templates for your forms.

Jotform provides a lot of advanced features to take their user’s experience to next level but there are still some areas where it lacks functionality.

For example, they don’t provide live chat and phone support. So it is not good for resolving real-time problems. Similarly, some features are very hard to use. Some beginners will find a few tools difficult to use. So it will be good to consider other alternatives of this platform and see which one suits your needs.

Which Jotform alternative is better to consider?

In my opinion Typeform, Wufoo and Surveysparrow are some of the best Jotform alternatives that you should give a try!

JotForm Alternatives – Final Verdict.

A form builder is an integral part of your data collection process and every business has to use form builders to gather information from their users or audience.

You must choose your form builder according to your requirements. If you are currently using JotForm as your main form builder and want to switch to a different platform then you should consider the tools I have mentioned in this list of Jotform alternatives.

Try these form builders and share your opinion with me about which one you find better!

Aakash Verma

My job is to test and try different business software and recommend the best one to others so that they can save their time and money.

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