JotForm Review 2022 – Why This Is The Best Form Builder?

JotForm Review – A Quick Overview.

Techsworm Ratings 4.8/5

G2 Ratings 4.7/5

Capterra Ratings 4.6/5

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What Is Jotform and how does it works?

JotForm is an online form builder that helps you to create professional-looking forms and provide advanced styling options to match your form with your brand.

It is a cloud-based platform that not only helps you to design and publish online forms but also records all of the responses of your customers or visitors. It is an automated platform. Once the web form gets published, it automatically records responses and notifies the publisher whenever any response gets received.

Along with web forms, you can also conduct an online survey and can manage or publish online job applications very easily.

Jotform provides a central dashboard (which we are going to discuss further in this Jotform review) and thousands of in-built form templates to get you started easily.

It also supports online payment plugins like Paypal and more to receive safe online payments. Integration with platforms like Salesforce and Zoho CRM is also possible.

Jotform offers month-based pricing plans and provides you with other materials to make your form-building experience amazing.

It also has a free plan that can help you to create 5 forms and allows 100 submissions.

Sign Up for their free plan by clicking on the Button below👇.

How does jotform works?

The idea behind the creation of Jotform was to develop a tool that can make the tedious work of creating a web form simple, easy, and fast.

Before form builders creating online forms was all about coding, coding, and coding!

If you want to build an online form and don’t know coding then you have to hire a guy who knows. It all was a big and time-consuming process. Plus it also used to cost more money.

But Jotform has made this task lot easier.

Tools like Jotform have converted the difficult and lengthy process of building online forms with coding into a simple drag and drop builder. So now just pick any field and drop it into your form and it will get added into your form automatically.

Apart from that you can also choose from prebuilt form templates and can edit its fields according to your needs and requirements.

Jotform Features – Nutshell.

  • Drag and drop builder.
  • Mobile responsive form templates.
  • PDF form builder + editor.
  • Prefill feature to boost conversion rates and improve form-filling process.
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant to provide safety to data.
  • Easy integration with third party payment plugins.
  • Free version also available.

Jotform Pricing – Nutshell.

  • Starter Pack – Free.
  • Bronze Pack – $24/Month.
  • Silver Pack – $29/Month.
  • Gold Pack – $79/Month.
  • For Detailed Information about pricing read full JotForm Review.

JotForm Review – Detailed.


History Of JotForm:- Jotform is a San Francisco-based company that offers drag and drop online form building services. It provides pre-built form templates that help its users to edit their forms without having any technical knowledge.

JotForm was founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank and by 2012, it already had 700,000+ users. Their company had developed well with time and currently has 250+ employees.

With Jotform you can design and publish nearly all types of online forms. It helps you to design and publish online forms and alert you with an email whenever you receive any response on your form.

Jotform offers 10,000+ form templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch. 100+ integrations with 3rd party tools make your work handier. It is a leading brand in the online form builder community and is trusted by 7M+ users worldwide.

With JotForm you can create…

  • Registration Forms.
  • Contact Forms.
  • Application Forms.
  • Conversational Forms.
  • Translate Forms and much more.

It comes with 100+ integrations such as Google sheet, Adobe Sign, Paypal, etc to make your work more convenient.

Now let’s talk about my favorite features in JotForm.

What Do I Like In JotForm (My Favorite Features)?

Although JotForm is full of amazing features there are some special features that I loved the most. Do you want to know about these features?

Take a look at my favorite features in Jotform.

  • 10k+ Form Templates- What can be more amazing than having such a huge list of pre-built templates. Even if you are designing your first form you can easily learn from these templates. JotFrom provides templates for different categories such as Form Templates, Card Form Templates, Table Templates, and PDF templates. You can use these templates for creating different types of forms.
  • Secure Payment Forms- With JotForm you can easily create secure online subscription forms. JotForm provides 30+ trusted payment gateway integrations for receiving online payments securely.
  • Integration With More Than 100 Online Platforms- You can easily integrate more than 100 apps with JotForm. Jotform has some of the top brand integration to help its users.
  • Amazing Support Team- If you are having any problem using it you can simply ask your question to their support team. Their average response time is 6 hours but they usually reply to your request in few minutes. The support team of JotForm definitely adds a plus point to their overall score.
  • Great Form Filling Experince-The prefill feature is just amazing. You can pre-populate form fields with information so that your users can fill up all the infomation quickly. It also boosts conversion rates.

Types Of Forms You Can Create With JotForms!

JotForms helps you to create different types of forms with a simple drag and drop editor. You can create any type of web form with its help. With JotForm you can create the following types of online forms-

HIPAA Compliant Forms.

HIPAA-compliant forms are generally used for collecting sensitive information about patients. These types of forms are generally used to collect health-related information from people which is not meant to be shared with others.

HIPAA compliant forms are considered safe for collecting personal health information.

With JotForm you can easily create a HIPAA-compliant form in a couple of minutes even if you don’t have any technical skills. HIPAA compliant form automatically encrypts form data to ensure the ultimate security of data.

Jotform provides pre-designed form templates so that you can easily design a HIPAA-compliant form.

Smart PDF Forms.

Filling and sending a PDF form takes a lot of time. You have to wait for the responses until they print, fill, scan and send their responses.

But with JotForm you can easily create an interactive PDF form and can turn that form into a mobile-friendly online form.

Before JotForm, to convert your PDF form into a mobile-friendly form you must know coding but now you can easily create one with this platform. Converting a PDF form is very simple. Just follow the below steps-

  • First, upload your PDF form to JotForm.
  • Second, convert it into HTML web form with the help of JotForm.
  • Now collect responses with your form and keep the original  PDF layout.

Mobile Forms.

JotForm helps you to create robust mobile forms that can be accessed anywhere with mobile and tablet devices.

You can create responsive mobile forms that work on android devices. JotForm provides advanced mobile form fields that improve your data collection process. You can even collect data like recorded voices, scanned barcodes, and electronic signatures with these mobile forms.

Secure Payment Forms.

As we discussed above that JotForm helps you in creating secure payment forms. All of your payment forms will be protected with 256 bit SSL to provide maximum security to your data.

Also, you can easily encrypt your data to make sure that all the collected data is stored securely and nobody can read it except you.

To help you design your unique and secure payment form Jotform offers 160+ payment form templates. You can choose any of them and can design your secure payment form.

Registration Forms.

With easy to use drag and drop form editor, you can easily create a registration form for your online conferences, workshops, and any other online event. Jotform helps you to create responsive forms that can be filled from mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

With 921 unique and innovative registration form templates, you don’t have to start your editing from scratch. Just pick any simple or advanced template and start editing it as you want.

Survey Templates.

Surveys have always been the best method to collect opinions and suggestions for t=your brand or products. With Jotform’s survey templates, you can make your survey and can launch it within a few minutes.

To create your branded survey you will get 813 survey templates. Along with that they also offer ready-to-use questionnaire templates that can be edited easily with drag and drop builder.

JotForm Features – In Detail.

I already have mentioned features of JotForm but at this segment of the JotForm review, we will discuss every feature in detail.

Let’s Start!

JotForm Prefill Feature.

Let’s first start with the newest feature of JotForm. With this tool, you can add prefill data for various form fields like contact information, addresses, and other information.

It helps to create a better form-filling experience for your customers. You can create prefill contact forms, sign-up forms, and can sync that form with your CRM.

It also saves your customers time by filling in information automatically. Prefill feature also helps to reduce writing mistakes in form.

Automatic Approval Workflow.

To automate your approval process JotForm provides the “JotForm Approvals” feature. This tool helps you to automate the approval process for your form entries.

JotForm Approval helps you to create a perfect approval flow without coding. With its simple and easy drag and drop builder, you can easily add approvers and emails to your approval process.

In simple words, this tool turns the responses of your form into tasks. You can assign different tasks to different approvers and can also set a time limit for the completion of that task. To learn more about it visit their official website.

JotForm Tables.

This tool helps you to avoid complications of creating a spreadsheet for all of your data collected by your JotForm Forms.

You can easily organize and manage all of your collected data with JotForm Tables. With a few clicks, you can also import CSV and Excel files directly into your JotForm Tables.

You can also sync a published form with your JotForm Tables and whenever you will receive a new response for that particular form it will automatically get updated in your JotForm Tables.

In short, it is an all-in-one data management workplace for all the data collected by JotForm.

JotForm Report Builder.

“Human brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do text.” (University of Minnesota)

Yes, humans are 5x more attracted to a visual piece of information than plain sets of texts. For this purpose, you can use the Report Builder tool of JotForm.

With this tool, you can easily convert the responses of your form into beautiful visual reports. Take a look👇.

source: JotForm.

Creating a visual report with this tool is very easy. Just follow these steps-

  • First, create a form with JotForm.
  • Publish your form and collect all the responses.
  • Use data collected through your form and convert that data into a custom report or presentation that suits your brand.

You can also customize the layout of your report to showcase your brand. It is also possible to share your reports via link. You can also embed the report on your website.

PDF Editor.

Converting online forms response in PDF files is an annoying and time-consuming task. It also kills productivity. But you can save the life of your productivity by using JotForm’s PDF editor tool.

This tool automatically converts received responses into secure and professional PDF documents. Converting such responses into PDF makes it easily sharable.

How To Transform Your Data Into PDF Document-

  • Create an online form with JotForm Form builder and publish it to get responses.
  • Design your custom PDF format so whenever someone will respond to your form the PDF will automatically get update.
  • Edit or download your PDF online with JotForm PDF editor.

Jotform Security.

Jotform ensures complete security to the data of both users and form fillers. It provides different layers of security to make sure the data remains end to end encrypted. To ensure maximum security of your data Jotform provide the following security layers-

256 Bit SSL- It uses a SHA256 certificate to serve a highly protected 256 Bit SSL connection to all of your forms. No matter which plans you choose they will provide you with this security standard even with the free version.

Encrypted Forms- A high-grade RSA2048 encryption will be provided to all of the submissions so that all the responses directly can get stored in their servers and no one except you can access that data.

SSO– Jotform provides a Singal Sign-On feature which not only makes the sign-in process easy and secure but also provides convenience to your employees in working together.

Apart from that, it is also GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant to provide maximum protection to your data.

Jotform also provides several other basic and higher security standards. You can read more about Jotform’s security measures on their website!

JotForm Pricing.

JotForm has 4 pricing plans. One plan is completely free which means you will get access to their premium features up to a certain limit.

Before discussing the pricing of JotForm I want to tell you that JotForm also offers a 50% discount for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. JotForm is a recurring subscription service that means you can easily cancel anytime or even can downgrade or upgrade your plan anytime.

They also provide 30 days money-back guarantee which means you can cancel your subscription within 30 days period. With that said let’s discuss the pricing plans of JotForm.

1.Starter Plan (Free Plan).

Good For Beginners or for those who first want to try it.

This plan is completely free in which you are allowed to 5 forms. This plan is good only if you want to give it a try before investing your money in it. It is also good if you are a beginner and want to learn it well before buying any paid plan. In this plan, you will get the following features-

  • 5 forms limits.
  • 100 monthly submissions.
  • 100MB available space.
  • 1,000 monthly form views.
  • 500 submission storage.
  • Unlimited reports per form.
  • 10 payment submissions.

Excluded features-

  • HIPAA compliance is not available with the free plan of JotForm.

The only disadvantage of this plan is that under the free plan you will get the JotForm icon under your form which isn’t create a professional impression.

2.Bronze Plan.

Best for solopreneurs or small blog owners.

This is the second plan in JotForm pricing plans. The cost of this plan is $24/month. This plan includes the following features.

  • You can create 25 forms with this package.
  • 1,000 monthly subscription is allowed.
  • 10 GB space is available.
  • Limit of 10,000 monthly form views.
  • Unlimited total submission storage.
  • 100 payment submissions are allowed.

Excluded Features-

Just like the free plan, this plan also doesn’t include HIPAA compliance forms.

3.Silver Plan (Recommended).

Best for everyone!

The cost of this plan is $29/month. With this plan, you will get the following features-

  • Limit of 100 forms.
  • 10,000 monthly submissions are allowed.
  • 100GB data space is available.
  • Unlimited monthly form views are allowed.
  • 1,000 payment submissions are allowed.
  • HIPAA compliance is included.

This pack contains all the features that’s why it is the most recommended package among all.

4.Gold Pack.

Highly recommended to Mid-level firms or website owners.

The gold pack is the largest on their pricing list. The cost of this plan is $79/month. In this pack, you will get every feature with the highest capacity.

  • You can create unlimited forms which means there are no limits on forms in this plan.
  • 100,000 monthly submissions are allowed with this pack.
  • 1 TB space will be provided with this plan.
  • Unlimited monthly form views are allowed with this plan.
  • Unlimited payment submissions are allowed.
  • HIPAA compliance is also included.

This plan is good if your business collects data by using online forms more often.

JotForm also offers an enterprise-level plan if you want some extra features. You can contact their sales team if you want to know more about this plan.

How To Create your first web form With JotForm?

JotForm’s interface is one of the most simple software interfaces. You can easily roam around and check out their features. The best thing is that they had only added relevant links to their software’s interface which means you don’t have to deal with unnecessary features or links.

But still, if you want a simple and quick review about creating a JotForm form then follow the step-by-step guide I mentioned below 👇. 

Step 1 – Decide The Purpose.

What is in your mind?

Why are you creating a web form? What questions you are going to ask and what kind of information do you want to collect?

Before you start building a web form you must have answers to all these questions. If you will be clear in your mind that what will be the

Step 2 – First thing first.

The very first step after deciding the purpose of creating a web form with jotform is to decide which plan you are going to choose. If you want to create just one or two or even up to 5 forms then you can choose their free version.

With this free version of Jotform, you can create up to 5 web forms and can receive up to 100 monthly responses to these forms. Of course, this is a great plan for users who just want to create a few forms and are expecting a maximum of 100 responses.

But if you are a business whether small or large then only paid plans can meet your requirements of online forms.

According to me, their silver plan is best for small and medium businesses which we have already discussed in the pricing section of this Jotform Review. So choosing the plan is the first step before you start creating your first web form.

Step 3 – Start editing.

When you will complete your sign-up process you will enter into the dashboard of Jotform that looks like the following picture👇.

JotForm Interface.

Now you can either simply click on the “create a form” button as shown above and start building a form from scratch or can choose a prebuilt form template by clicking on the “template” button in the interface. Pick a template that matches your brand and click on the “Use Template” button to import the design of your selected interface.

After importing your template it will take you directly to the form editor where you can make changes in your form according to your need.

Step 4 – choose predefined form fields.

On the right side of your form editor, you will get the list of elements that you can use in your form like this👇.


Use these elements to design your own branded form. You can use various elements like Header, email, phone number, etc. from the left sidebar of the editor.

Step 5 – Setup email notifications for your web form.

After finishing up editing for your form it’s time to switch on the email notifications for your web form. These notifications will notify you whenever a new submission will be made.

You can quickly turn on these notifications by following this path in your dashboard settings>> emails>> add an email>>notification email.

You can also edit autoresponder settings to set automated responses for your submitters.

Step 6 – publish your form.

Now you have done all the editing and settings you need. Just press the publish button and start receiving responses.

JotForm Review – F.A.Q.

Below I have answered most asked questions about JotForm. Take a look!

Is JotForm Safe?

JotForm is secure. Your data and all private information are completely secure with JotForm. For encryption of form submissions, JotForm uses 2048Bit RSA keys.

Also to provide security for your online payments JotForm is PCI DSS level 1 certified which is the highest security attainment a business can have.

JotForm also discourages search engines from indexing your data to protect your information. Also to provide you protection from any kind of spam and DDOS attack it uses Cloudflare.

So yes JotForm is 100% secure in my opinion.

What Is JotForm Used For?

In short, JotForm is mainly used for creating and publishing custom and responsive online forms. It is an online form builder that helps in creating interactive and highly converting forms by providing you the facility of a drag and drop form builder.

You can use it to create application forms, registration forms, survey forms, etc.

Is JotForm Legit?

JotForm is a 100% legit platform for creating online forms. It is trusted by top business brands for creating their online business forms. Also, it is the most trusted brand in developed countries like the united states and Canada.

Adobe, Viacom, RedBull, Ford, Nickelodeon are some top branded customers of JotForm. So yes JotForm is a legit platform.

Is It Good For Beginners?

The interface of Jotform is very simple. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to create a form with JotForm. It doesn’t even require coding knowledge. It has a simple drag and drops editor to make work easier.

They also provide 10k+ templates so you don’t have to start with zero. With so many features I think this is the best option for beginners.

Best Pricing Plan Of JotForm?

In my opinion, its Silver Plan is the best plan for anyone. The reason behind this is that it includes all features of this platform in a pretty balanced quantity. Plus you will get full access to their platform. The cost of this plan is also very reasonable. I think Silver Plan is the best plan for JotForm.

What are some top alternatives of jotform?

Jotform is a great tool and, in my opinion, provide all type of features that anyone might need to create a branded web form but if you are looking for something different and all these features are not enough for you then I would recommend Wufoo and Typeform as best alternatives of Jotform. You can also read the full review of Wufoo by clicking on the link.

JotForm Review – Final Verdict.

I hope this review of JotForm has helped you to understand why it is the best form builder. The reason is that it offers world-class services to its users and has a simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

Now it’s your turn to create an amazing form with JoForm. Create your own branded form and share your story with me in the comments!

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