SEMrush Review | Why It Is The Most Trusted SEO Tool?

SEMrush Review- Quick Overview.

Techsworm Rating 4.6/5
G2 Rating 4.5/5
Capterra Rating 4.7/5

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a complete online marketing solution. From increasing organic search rank to improving your social content engagement, SEMrush can handle all of this by itself.

With 40+ digital marketing tools, SEMrush provides the best solutions for all of your digital marketing challenges. It is a must-have tool for all those companies who seriously want to improve their online visibility.

"When It comes to pure value, SEMrush wins. That's mostly because you get a fully-featured SEO software suite."
semrush review by techsworm
Brian Dean
Founder, Backlinko

Features List:

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SEMrush Review- A Detailed Guide.

semrush review

If You are not satisfied with my quick review of SEMrush then stay with me to go deep into every detail of SEMrush.

Let’s start with knowing a little more about it!

About SEMrush.

I know that you know that SEMrush is a digital marketing tool. But how well do you know about it?

To give you a simple answer to this question I can say that SEMrush is online visibility improvement software for all kinds of online businesses.

SEMrush was founded in the year 2008 with an aim of helping online businesses to grow their online businesses faster by improving their online visibility.

It handles all types of complex tasks related to SEO which you cannot do manually. With the passing of time, they improved their software, and now they have some of 40+ tools in their stack to help online marketers in their business growth.

Alongside these tools, SEMrush offers a number of content management and market research tools to give you a helping hand in every digital marketing challenge. SEMrush is not only a good SEO tool but also a brilliant inbound marketing software.

Enough with this history chapter and let’s move to the love chapter of me and SEMrush.

The Day I Fell In Love With SEMrush😍.

So this is my story!

I was building my new website(not this one) and truly I worked really hard on that one. But still, I was not getting any results on that. I was so desperate to see my website on the search engine so I doubled my post publishing quantity with the hope of getting good results but I was not aware that I am dumping all my efforts in the gutter.

The thing is that I use to think that I don’t need any tool to manage my work.

Don’t blame me I was a beginner and was a little overconfident in myself. Anyway, after putting in all my efforts and getting zero results, I decide to use a software.

But the problem was which one is better. The online market is overflooded with SEO and content management tools. Choosing the right one is really a headache.

And on that day I was searching for the right platform when I came across to SEMrush and I fell for it from very first sight.

SEMrush was the one that I was looking for. I can’t even point out one thing which is my favorite because I love all of its features.

But there are a few features that really steal my heart.

Want to know my most loved features in SEMrush?

Take a look!

My Personal Favourite Features Of SEMrush.

Before I discuss all the features of SEMrush, I want to mention those features which really win my heart and will definitely win yours too.

Website Optimization: The first problem I was having was optimizing my website. I don’t know what should I optimize. But SEMrush helps me in the complete auditing of my website and within a few days, I improved my website health to 92%. Take a look at my site’s health score after using SEMrush👇.

semrush audit tool

That’s where things start getting really interesting. After doing this site audit my website visibility got increased and my blog posts lands directly on the 34th rank from the 150th rank in google. It might not surprise those who currently are ranking on the first page but for a beginner like me, that was really impressive.

Trust me if you are also a beginner then this tool is a life savior. This site audit tool will perform a complete site check for your complete domain and will point out major, medium, and lower impact issues your website having. It also helps you to understand those factors which are influencing the speed of your website. In short, this tool works as a doctor for your websites’ overall health.

Competitors Analysis: What should be my strategy? Which keywords I should target? What should be my backlinks strategy?

These are some common questions every beginner has. I also used to have these questions when I just started out out. But this tool helps me to find the questions of all these questions. It helps me to make an analysis of my competitors who were already ranking in their niche and reveal their strategy to me.

It provides a number of tools to spy on your competitors. You can unfold a lot of metrics such as the backlink profile of your competitors, their SEO strategy, their position in the search engine,s and much more.

In short, it uncovers your competitor’s strategy so that you can learn from them.

Content Analyzer: Content is the most important thing for a blogger. Good content can attract a real and relevant audience but if your content is o poor quality then your chance of ranking in Google is not good.

But to create winning content you can use the content analyzer tool of SEMrush. This tool provides you recommendations for writing winning content. The recommendations it provides are based on your targeted keywords and top 10 rivals ranking on that keyword.

Even if you already have published a blog post on your targeted keyword, It still can help you. Just enter the URL of the blog post and it will provide your content ideas on the basis of the top 10 sites’ ranking for the same keyword. Take a look at the photo below👇. How SEMrush provides me ideas for improvement in my content.

semrush content analyzer

Keyword Magic Tool: Thi tool is pretty simple but one of the most helpful tools of SEMrush. Basically, it is a keyword research tool that helps you by providing complete insight into any keyword.

Just enter the keyword that you want to rank for and it will throw in your bag. You can see keywords difficulty, CPC, search trend, and much more for any keyword.

Although now I love all the features of SEMrush and am addicted to it these were the features that attract me the first time. Now let’s talk complete list of features that SEMrush offers to its users.

SEMrush Features | In-depth Guide.

In this SEMrush review, we will discuss all features of SEMrush, how to use these features and how these features can help you. Take a look👇.

SEMrush offers 40+ tools to its users. To understand all these tools better, I have divided this tool into 6 broad categories.

  1. SEO tools.
  2. Competitive Research Tools.
  3. Content Marketing tools.
  4. Market Research Tools.
  5. Advertising tools.
  6. Social media management tools.

Every category has a number of tools to helps you. Let’s discuss the tools available in the SEO category.

SEMrush SEO Toolkit.

SEO toolkit in SEMrush is a combination of all tools required for the optimization of your website. By all tools, I mean every single tool you gonna need for on-page and off-page SEO of your website is included in this toolkit.

This toolkit includes:

  • Keywords Research Tools.
  • On-page and Tech SEO Tools.
  • Link Building Tools.
  • Rank Tracking Tools.

Keyword Research Tools.

SEMrush Keywords research tools provide you assistance to create a low competition keywords list in your niche. It provides insights like keywords difficulty, competition CPC, searches trend, and much more for any keyword you will type in its search box. This SEMrush review will discuss every keyword research tool and how to use these tools.

Keywords Overview.

Keywords research is all about finding valuable keywords in your niche, right? That’s what this tool is made for. It helps you to find valuable keywords related to your industry or niche.

You must be thinking…

How SEMrush do this? Or, How does it define the value of a keyword? How does it decide which tool is good for my industry or niche?

Well, SEMrush uses various metrics to define the value of a keyword. These metrics are-

  • Search Volume: How many people search for that keyword in a month.
  • Keywords Difficulty: How difficult it is for you to rank on that keyword based on your domain authority.
  • Competition Level: How many websites or blogs are competing for that keyword.
  • Other SERPs Features: Other SERP features like CPC, numbers of results, variations of that keyword, and more.

SEMrush uses all these features to define the value of a keyword.

How To Use Keyword Overview: Using this tool is simple as heck.

  • First, enter your SEMrush dashboard, and in the SEO toolkit click on the keyword overview option.
  • You will see a search box. Enter your targeted keyword in the search box. You can also use bulk analysis for getting an overview over more than 1 keyword at a time. Hit the enter button!
  • Take a look at the keyword overview of a keyword I searched with this tool👇.
keyword overview

Keyword Magic Tool.

Another amazing tool of this SEMrush review is Keyword Magic Tool. I already have discussed this tool above. In case you missed let me give you a quick overview of it.

So this tool basically provides different combinations or variations for one keyword. SEMrush has a huge database of 20 billion keywords. So when you will enter a keyword in this magic keyword tool then on the basis of your seed keyword it will generate thousands of combinations and variations for your keyword.

With different variations, it will also provide metrics related to all keywords such as CPC, keyword difficulty, and much more.

While doing keyword research you enter in the world of millions or billions of keywords where losing your targeted keyword in the crowd is not unusual. So it is very important to keep a record of your selected keyword so you don’t lose them.

That’s where our next tool comes into the role. Take a look!

Keywords Manager.

Let’s talk practically. Finding the desired keyword is difficult as heck. You have to go through a lot of work to find that dream keyword. But if you won’t keep those dream keywords under your record even after doing a lot of hard work then your chances of ranking in search engine is pretty low.

Here is how you can use this keyword manager tool to manage your own list of keywords-

How To Use Keyword Manager:

  • Use tools like keywords research and keyword magic tool to collect the list of your desired keywords.
  • Then click on the create keywords list in keywords manager.
  • Transfer your desired keywords to your newly created list.

And you are done. You have successfully created the list of your desired keywords and if you want you can export your list as XLSX and CSV.

Position Tracking.

Working for your growth is equally important as measuring your results. This SEMrush review is not only about teaching you how to grow, it is also about teaching you how to measure your growth.

Position tracking is a tool that helps you to understand your current position in a search engine for your targeted keywords. It helps you track your Google ranking and notifies you whenever any crucial changes in your google ranking will happen.

You can get a complete insight about your search engine ranking and can track your position at the national or local level. This tool is best to check your growth from time to time.

How To Use Position Tracking Tool: Follow these steps to start your own position tracking campaign👇.

    • Open the position tracking tab in your SEO toolkit.
    • Enter your domain name in the box and hit the set up button.
    • You will see a window like this👇.
SEMrush position tracking
  • Add your information and start your first position tracking campaign with SEMrush.

You can set up your campaign either for your complete domain or for a specific URL. It will help you to track your position in Google as well as Baidu. Just like this tool SEMrush also has a tool to measure the organic traffic for your website.

Organic Traffic Insight helps you to measure the organic traffic of your website. This tool provides you cross-reference data on your websites’ organic traffic. It has direct integration with Google Analytics to provide you all necessary information related to traffic source and type of traffic.

Basically, this tool combines the insight reports of your Google search console and Goole Analytics and provides you a single insight report for all of your data in one single dashboard.

Interesting, right?

In this SEMrush review, the part of the SEO toolkit and keywords research features is over but the review of SEMrush isn’t over yet.

Sensor (Advance Position Tracking).

Google’s algorithm is changing very quickly and every change put a certain effect on various industries. These SEMrush sensors help you to monitor any sign of instability in your industries or other industries due to these algorithm changes.

Along with Google ranking changes you can also track any kind of volatility in Baidu’s SERPs. These sensors help you to understand how algorithm changes affecting various industries and what kind of effect these changes are putting on them.

These sensors notify you by email and browser notifications about any major changes. Deviation analysis also shows which industry is the most impacted industries.

Link Building Tools.

Doing the right SEO for your website is just one move. But you have to work on your backlink profile also to get on the top page of search engines. This task is the most confusing and frustrating task for everyone.

According to a study made by backlinko, “domains linking to a page was the factor that had the highest correlation to rankings in Google”.

Believe it or not but that’s true. Building backlinks can be a difficult task but you can use SEMrush to make it easy for you.

How? Take a look.

SEMrush provides total 4 link-building tools to build up your backlink profile.

  • Backlink Analytics.
  • Backlink Audit.
  • Link-building Tool.
  • Bulk Analysis.

Let’s discuss these tools one by one.

Backlink Analytics.

In simple words, backlinks analytics is a tool that unfolds the backlink profile of any domain entered in it. With this tool, you can find backlink reports of any domain or any specific URL. It will bring you every single detail about the backlink profile of any website.

How this tool is helpful?

Well, SEMrush has the largest backlink database which helps you to analyze the backlink profile of your competitors and discover link-building opportunities from their profile.

The use of this tool is very easy. Click on the Backlink Analytics option in the link building tab in the SEMrush dashboard. In the search box enter the domain or page URL whose backlink profile you want to unfold and hit enter button. Take a look below at how I unfold all backlink metrics of with SEMrush.

semrush review by techsworm

SEMrush backlink analytics provide you data about referring domains to a website or a URL, New or lost backlinks, Authority score of all referring domains, backlinks type, anchor text, and much more.

Backlink Audit Tool.

Gaining good backlinks is important but getting rid of toxic backlinks is equally important as it can increase spam score or of your website and can reduce the quality image of your content in eyes of search engines.

That’s why a backlink audit must be part of your backlink strategy. This tool helps you to point out toxic backlinks referring to your domains. Backlink audit also helps you to avoid Google penalties and helps you to maintain a healthy backlink profile.

Link Building Tool.

Most of the SEMrush reviews will tell you how to use this backlink tool or that backlink tool but I will help you to gain some new backlinks right away with this review. How?

By using link building tool of SEMrush!

Yes, to make your link-building tasks easy, SEMrush has introduced a tool that helps you to identify the best backlink opportunities so that you can use your outreaching skills and can build a strong backlink profile.

How To Use SEMrush Link Building Tool: This tool works on the information given by you. For example, it will ask you the keyword you want to rank for and then the domain name of your competitor for that specific keyword. On the basis of your provided information, it will prepare a list of the best prospects for your link building.

  • First, enter the names of keywords you want to rank for.
  • In the next tab enter the domains of your competitors and hit the button.
  • Collect the best prospects list for link building and choose the method of outreaching to them.

Basically, it helps you to run automated prospecting campaigns to build backlinks. It saves you from conducting manual research for the best link-building sites in your niche.

The best part of this whole set of link-building tools is that you can spy on your competitor’s backlink profile even in bulk. You can enter up to 200 URLs at once and can unfold the backlink profiles of all of them together.

Competition Research Toolkit.

Building an online business is really hard these days. Do you even know that…

90% of online businesses fail within the first four months of operation.”

Yeah, it is heartbreaking but true. The same thing happens with new websites. The reason for their failure is that they don’t study their competitors before making their move.

But you don’t have to worry, I will teach you how you can study your competitors and can make a better move to make your business or website successful with SEMrush.

This toolkit has total 5 tools to study competitors in your niche.

  • Domain Overview.
  • Traffic Analytics.
  • Organic Research.
  • Keywords Gap.
  • Backlink Gap.

Domain Overview.

The best way to start studying your competitors finding their strengths and weaknesses. You can easily make your decisions when you know about their strong and weak points.

Domain overview is one of the best tools of this whole SEMrush review. It will open up complete data of your competitors in front of you. Just enter their domain or URL and get valuable insights about their strong and weak spots just like this👇.

semrush domain overview

It will provide every crucial detail about the domain or URL you will enter. The data provided by this tool will include the following metrics-

  • Domain authority.
  • Organic traffic stats.
  • Paid traffic stats.
  • Main organic competitors and much more.
The next tool Traffic Analytics also gives you data for comparison. With this tool, you can collect data about your traffic and your competitor’s traffic and can compare both the data.
Traffic analytic tool provide you data about traffic trends and distribution on the basis of mobile and desktop devices. It also determines the bounce rate of your website. You can use this data to make a competitor research and determine where your strategy is failing in comparison to your competitors

Keyword Gap Tool.

Keyword Gap is a tool to track gaps between you and your competitor’s ranking keywords. Select your top five keywords and compare your keywords ranking profile with them. This tool work just like its name because it will identify any keyword ga for which you are not ranking but your competitors are.

It opens you thousands of more ranking opportunities. Plus. you can fill up the Keyword gap between you and your competitors by ranking for more keywords.

How To Use Keyword Gap Tool: To use this tool more efficiently you must first have to identify your top five competitors in your niche. After doing that follow these steps-

  • Click on the competitive research tab in your dashboard and enter the Keyword gap tab in it.
  • Enter the domain of your top five competitors and click on compare button
  • Get the list of all common and unique keywords that your competitors are currently ranking for.
  • Make a list of all unique ranking keywords of your competitors and fill the keyword gap by ranking or them.

Backlink Gap is another tool that also works as a gap finding tool but the difference is that instead of finding unique keywords of your competitors it identifies unique backlinks of your competitors that you currently don’t have.

It helps you to find thousands of relevant backlink opportunities. This tool helps you to find and fill the backlink gap within your and your competitor’s profiles.

SEMrush Market Research Toolkit.

Doing market research must be the very first step for any type of industry. Even if you are a blogger, doing market research before creating content is better. It will give you a complete insight into your industry or niche and will help you to understand your audience’s behavior.

Knowing about audience behavior is a must for a blogger because you are going to produce content for them, not for yourself, right?

So let’s continue this SEMrush review with learning about its market research tools.

Market Overview Tool.

This tool is the most powerful SEMrush tool to perform quick market research on any industry and its audience.

It will help you to map out the whole competitive landscape of your niche. You can not only get in insights into current industries but also can discover new topics and unique niches with this tool.

With the help of the market overview tool, you can unfold the following aspects of any industry-

  • Leaders, established players, and top niche influencers.
  • Market share of your competitors in any industry.
  • Seasonal Market trends and evergreen strategies.
  • Study a complete market or an individual competitor.
  • Traffic dynamics of your competitor’s website.
  • Market volatility.
  • Audience interest and demographics of any niche and industry.
  • The male and female active ratio in your niche.
  • Unfold traffic generation strategy of your competitor and top leaders in your niche.
  • Topics that attract more customers in your niche.

Not only this you can also find out the age ratio of the audience in your niche. It will help you to understand every big and small detail of the market. Use broad perspective to understand “all market” and concentrate on “narrow focus” for niche overview.

Traffic Analytics+Market Overview.

There is no specific tool to use both these tools but using these tools together can be really helpful for you. Using both these tools together will consolidate your two research areas, competitive research and, market research, and will help you to perform a complete competitors’ market research

How To Use These Tools Together:

  • First, start with the market overview tool and identify top leaders and influencers in your niche.
  • Make a list of top performers.
  • Study their traffic insights by using this traffic analytic tool.

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit.

Only creating good content is not enough to grow a website. You have to do a lot of other activities so that your content can reach your targeted audience.

Content marketing is one of those activities which are important for the overall growth of your website. In fact, it is the most important task. SEMrush offers awesome tools to help you in the marketing of your content. Let’s discuss these tools!

Topic Research.

Viral content is always built around a boiling topic and this tool helps you to discover the best topic for your content in your niche.

Also, using this tool is like a piece of cake. Just head to the content marketing tab and click on the topic research option there. It will open a tab in which you have to enter the main topic for which you want ideas. Then hit the enter and collect some of the hottest ideas related to your topic.

This is how the results will look like👇.

semrush topic overview tool

You can directly jump to most trending subtopics by clicking on the button I highlighted above.

SEO Content Template.

A well-crafted content has a higher chance of getting top 10 results in search engines. To achieve this objective you can use this tool. To use this tool you have to enter your targeted keyword into the search box and it will analyze all top 10 results ranking for that keyword.

After analyzing it will give you the best ideas to create well-crafted content around your targeted keyword.

The next tool is known as SEO Writing Assistant. This tool checks the overall structure and SEO for your content and gives you recommendations for improvement. You can either write your content with this tool or can directly paste your already written content to get the best recommendations for improvement.

Brand Monitoring.

The main task carried out by this tool is to track the overall reach of your brand. You can track the following things about your brand with this tool-

  • Your online brand mentions.
  • Sentiments of these mentions.
  • Topics discussed online to spot the trend.
  • Track the mentions of your competitor’s brand.
  • Track referral traffic from mentions.
  • Identify top mentioning resources and much more.
  • Make an evaluation of your PR and marketing effectiveness.

Post Tracking And Content Audit Tool.

The main task of this tool is to track the performance of your competitors’ posts. Just enter the URL of the post you want to track and it will provide you a complete performance report of that post from social engagement to backlinks count, everything.

Updating your contention regular basis is equally important as producing high-quality content. In Fact,“34% of bloggers say that updating content produces strong results.”

Why I am telling you this?

Because this is the main task of our next tool. The content audit tool is an amazing tool to keep the quality of your content fresh.

It analyzes your whole content assets and determines which article needs an update. This content audit tool will provide you real-time metrics for customization of your content. With this tool, you can analyze up to 20,000 pages.

You can also identify your weakest piece of content and can customize that too so that it can also perform well in search engines. You can also export your audit report.

SEMrush Social Media Management Toolkit.

This SEMrush review is not only focused on improving your search engine visibility but will also help you to improve your position on various social media platforms.

SEMrush offers 3 main tools for social media management. Let’s discuss them and their uses.

Social Media Poster.

This tool helps you to improve your social media strategy by helping you with cross-platform publishing, scheduling, and ads management.

It is a multitasking tool for managing your overall social media visibility and growth campaigns. You can track various brands and competitors’ activities on social media and can evaluate what results they are getting from their strategies.

After evaluating your competitors you can schedule your posts for various accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google My Business. It is a cross-posting tool that allows you t post directly from SEMrush’s dashboard.

After publishing your content you can analyze your performance with its analytics tool. You can check the engagement of your social media posts.

Its social media tracker tool helps you to keep a tab on various insights from your social media handles. You can collect every single detail about your social media performance easily with its social media tracker tool.

Social Media Ads.

Running paid ads on social media platforms is not a new practice. Big brands use this strategy to improve their engagement with their audience or customers.

But with SEMrush you can do it more easily and efficiently. With its Social Media Ads tool, you can easily create, launch and optimize your Facebook ads. SEMrush will provide you Pro tips to create a high-performing Facebook ad. It will also analyze your old ads and will provide the best recommendations to improve those ads too.

PPC Advertising Toolkit.

Paid advertising is very important for providing full exposure to your brand. It not only increases your traffic but also creates brand awareness in your targeted audience. In fact,

“Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.”

But to achieve that good results you have to work on your PPC strategy. Well-optimized ads perform much better than unplanned ads. To achieve better results with your PPC campaign you can use SEMrush’s PPC advertising toolkit. Take a look at them.

Advertising Research.

If you are planning to run a PPC ad for the first time then it is much better to learn from those who have already done that.

If you don’t know someone like that then you can learn the same thing from your competitors and this tool will help you in doing so.

This tool helps you to spy on your competitors’ ads strategies and unfolds the keywords list for which they are bidding. You can also see the examples of top leaders’ ads in your industries and can copy their tactics to get better results.

Learn from the top running ads of your rivals and see how those ads trigger buying intentions in people. You can also identify your top rivals in paid advertising on the basis of paid keywords.

With this PPC advertising research tool, you can view keywords and ad texts for over 100 countries and in more than 20 languages.

Display Advertising.

This tool helps you to understand what kind of ad texts and banners are working for your competitors. You can spy on your competitors’ ads and their publishers. It also helps you to spot new publishers so that you can pick up high-performing placements for your ads. This tool helps you in the following aspects-

  • Analyzing the total number of ads by any specific advertiser.
  • Help you to understand the device preference of other advertisers for running their ads.
  • determines in which country your competitors are highly active.
  • Discover highly used ad formats in your niche market.

Along with this tool you can also use SEMrush PLA research to get even better results. This tool helps you to discover the product listing ads that showed up for every keyword. You can also unfold the list of search queries that trigger their PLAs to appear in the search engines. You can also see the most successful ads of your competitors with every single detail.

PPC Keyword Tool.

This PPC keyword tool helps you to collect and organize the best PPC keywords for your SEA campaign. With this PPC keyword planner, you can collect keywords from different sources and can import them into CSV, XLS, and TXT files. You can also optimize your PPC campaign’s keyword list with this tool.

The thing is that list of SEMrush’s features is so immense that covering up all the features is completely impossible in this SEMrush review.

But still, I have mentioned all the top features in this review so far.

There are lots of other features that come with the SEMrush complete suite. If you don’t want to miss the cool features of SEMrush then sign up for their free trial of 7 days. Click on the button below and get full access to their all features completely free for 7 days.

How To Use SEMrush's All Features(My Secret).

I am not gonna lie to you but when the first time you will enter the dashboard of SEMrush then you probably get lost and get confused easily between so many features. Even I got confused when I first started using it.

I am not saying that it is confusing. In fact, it has a very clean and easily understandable dashboard. The reason is that it has a huge list of features that can confuse anyone. To make it easy for you I am going to share my secret strategy on “How To Use SEMrush”. If you also want a clear method to use all its tools chronologically then follow this guide.

1.First Step

The very first step for any blogger must be to pick up a niche. An industry in which he has his interest or has some knowledge or experience.

After identifying the niche, it is time to explore the market and understand the trends within your niche.

Who will be your top competitors and what is the audience trend in your selected niche, all this needs to be studied well before creating content.

For this, you must have to use the organic research tool+market explorer tool.

First, you can use the market explorer tool to understand various metrics within your niche like audience trends, traffic size, audience gender, and interests. From here you can select your top competitors and can create a list of them.

Next, use the organic research tool to get deep insights into your top competitors. Identify the keywords for which your rivals are currently ranking.

2.Second Step.

After collecting complete insight about your selected niche and your top competitors, it’s time to collect keywords for your content. Use the Keyword overview tool to explore the full potential of any keyword.

Use Keyword Magic Tool to identify various variants of your seed keyword or use the Keyword Gap tool to find out those keywords of your competitors for which your care currently not ranking.

Finally, use the Keyword Manager tool to make a list of your selected keywords.

3.Third Step.

Now, you have a list of keywords, it’s time to create awesome and well-crafted content around those keywords. This step is very crucial because search engines will only rank well-written articles.

Use the Topic Research tool to generate hot ideas about any topic. It will analyze your competitors on the basis of your topic and will provide you best ideas for winning content. You can also use SEO Content Template and can get the best recommendations for creating SEO-friendly content.

Use SEO Writing  Assistant to check the overall score of your created content on the basis of SEO and readability. Create quality content and publish it.

4.Fourth Step.

You have created a fabulous piece of content now it’s time to create some backlinks to provide more exposure to your content.

Use The Link Building Tool to find the best prospects for your backlink opportunities. Use your outreach skills and choose a method to reach out to them.

Or you can use the Backlink Analytics tool to uncover the backlink profile of your competitors.

You can also use the Backlink Gap Tool to explore websites linked to your competitors but not to you.

5.Fifth Step.

Use SEMrush Rank Tracking Tools to check the position of your site in search engines. SEMrush SEnsors will indicate any kind of changes in search engine algorithms and their effect on your site.

You can use any type of method to use SEMrush’s all feature. This is just a basic procedure for beginners so that they can easily use this tool.


If there is still any question you have in your mind then I have answered the most asked questions about SEMrush. Check it out!

Is SEMrush A Good Software?

In my opinion, it is the best software for solutions to all your digital marketing problems. It is not only a good SEO software but also a good software for optimizing content and content marketing. No matter what problem you are having in your online business or on your website, SEMrush always has something good for you.

Is This A Good Software For Beginners?

Yes, SEMrush is good for all-level digital marketers or bloggers. SEMrush has a basic toolkit for beginners and if you start feeling comfortable then you can start using its advanced tools. If you are a beginner and feeling confused while using it then follow the five-step process I mentioned above.

Who Can Use SEMrush?

Anyone in the field of digital marketing, blogging or any online business owner can use this tool for solving their problems.

In fact, marketing and advertising firms and computer software companies are some of their top users.

Ending This SEMrush Review!

The digital marketing field is full of challenges. Every day is a day of a new challenge. There are a lot of technical problems which you can’t solve manually. SO it is best to choose software for all such problems.

SEMrush is one of the software that can solve your problem with its huge list of features and advance technology. In this SEMrush review, I have tried to discuss all aspects of this tool. Now it is your time to kick out all such problems with the help of SEMrush.

I hope that this review has helped you to understand why it is the most trusted SEO tool. Don’t forget to share your experience with SEMrush in the comment box.

Aakash Verma

My job is to test and try different business software and recommend the best one to others so that they can save their time and money.

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